Dissertations related to Mediterranean and Near Eastern Art and Archaeology (since 1898)

Doctoral work in Mediterranean and Near Eastern Archaeology has been a feature of the University of Pennsylvania since 1898, largely in response to the excavations undertaken by the University Museum. The names of the programs overseeing such doctoral work have changed in the course of the last century, but they encompass the current departments of Classical Studies, History of Art, Anthropology, and Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations. Nearly 200 dissertations in Old World Archaeology and Art have been produced at Penn in the course of the last century, and they are listed below by year of completion, beginning with the most recent.
Author Dissertation Title Year
Peter J. Cobb Computational Analyses of Archaeological Ceramics: The Second Millennium BCE Ceramics of the Marmara Lake Basin in their Western Anatolian Regional Context 2016
Margaret Andrews Down in the Valley: A Topographical Study of the Subura in Rome from Caesar through Charlemagne 2015
Emerson Avery Marsala’s Hinterland: The Evolution of Roman Settlement in Western Sicily 2015
Jordan Pickett Water after Antiquity: the Afterlives of Roman Hydraulic Infrastructure 300-800 CE 2015
Tanya McCullough Metal to Clay: "Recovering" Middle Minoan Metal Vessels from Knossos and Phaistos through their Ceramic Skeuomorphs 2014
Miriam G. Clinton Access and Circulation Patterns in Neopalatial Domestic Architecture on Crete: A New Method for Identifying Private Spaces 2013
Valentina Follo The power of images in the age of Mussolini 2013
Justin Leidwanger Maritime Archaeology as Economic History: Long-Term Trends of Roman Commerce in the Northeast Mediterranean 2011
Linda G. Meiberg Figural Motifs on Philistine Pottery and their Connections to the Aegean World, Cyprus, and Coastal Anatolia 2011
Emily Modrall Indigenous Identities in Punic Western Sicily 2011
Gabriel H. Pizzorno Material Variability and Cultural Change: A study of the transition from Bronze Age to Iron Age in North-western Iran as seen from Dinkha Tepe 2011
Stephan Zink Octavian's Sanctuary of Apollo on the Palatine: Architecture, Site, and the Development of a Sacred Topography 2011
Susan Helft Patterns of exchange/ patterns of power: A new archaeology of the Hittite Empire 2010
Peri Johnson Landscapes of Achaemenid Paphlagonia 2010
Beth Ann Judas Late Bronze Age Aegean Ceramics in the New Kingdom Nile Valley: An Analysis of Idea and Practice 2010
Karen Sonik Daimon-Haunted Universe: Conceptions of the Supernatural in Mesopotamia 2010
Elif Ünlü Technological and Stylistic Evaluation of the Early Bronze Age Pottery at Tarsus-Gözlükule, Turkey: Pottery Production and Its Interaction with Economic, Social, and Cultural Spheres 2009
Günder Varinlioğlu Rural Landscape and Built Environment at the End of Antiquity: Limestone Villages of Southeastern Isauria 2008
Dorian Borbonus Textual and Visual Commemoration in Columbarium Tombs of Early Imperial Rome 2006
Andrew Koh The Organic Residues of Mochlos, Crete: An Interdisciplinary Study of Typological and Spatial Function at an Archaeological Site 2006
Elisha Ann Dumser The Architecture of Maxentius: A Study in Architectural Design and Urban Planning in Early Fourth-Century Rome 2005
Ömür Harmansah Spatial Narratives, Commemorative Practices and the Building Project: New Urban Foundations in Upper Syro-Mesopotamia During the Early Iron Age 2005
Danielle Leigh Kellogg The Attic Deme of Acharnai: History and Identity 2005
Kimberley Michelle Brown Fluxgate Gradiometry and the Investigation of Archaic Period Rural Settlement in Central Italy (600-450 B.C.) 2004
Heather E. Grossman Building Identity: Architecture as Evidence of Cultural Interaction Between Latins and Byzantines in Medieval Greece 2004
Konstantinos Kourelis Monuments of Rural Archaeology: Medieval Settlements in the Northwestern Peloponnese 2003
Thomas John Morton The Impact of Luxury: The Forum of Meninx. An Architectural Investigation 2003
Yelena Zora Rakic The Contest Scene in Akkadian Glyptic: A Study of its Imagery and Function Within the Akkadian Empire 2003
Atsuko Hattori Texts and Impressions: A Holistic Approach to Ur III Cuneiform Tablets from The University of Pennsylvania Expeditions To Nippur (Iraq) 2002
Mary-Ann Pouls Wegner The Cult of Osiris at Abydos: An Archaeological Investigation of the Development of an Ancient Egyptian Sacred Center During the Eighteenth Dynasty 2002
Kellee Ann Barnard Transition, Production and Standardization in Minoan Ceramics: A View from Neopalatial Mochlos 2001
William Bradley Hafford Merchants in the Late Bronze Age Eastern Mediterranean: Tools, Texts and Trade 2001
Ellen Fowles Morris The Architecture of Imperialism: An Investigation into the Role of Fortresses and Administrative Headquarters in New Kingdom Foreign Policy 2001
Betsey Ann Robinson Fountains and the Culture of Water at Roman Corinth 2001
Julia Louise Shear Polis and Panathenaia: The History and Development of Athena's Festival 2001
Leigh-Ann Bedal The Petra Pool-Complex: A Hellenistic Paradeisos in The Nabataean Capital (Results from The Petra 'Lower Market' Survey and Excavation, 1998 2000
Stephanie Lynn Budin The Origins of Aphrodite 2000
Michael Douglas Danti Early Bronze Age Settlement and Land Use in the Tell es-Sweyhat Region, Syria 2000
Jill Citron Katz The Archaeology of Cult in Middle Bronze Age Canaan: The Sacred Area of Tel Harbor, Israel 2000
Gilliane Fanny Monnier A Re-Evaluation of the Archaeological Evidence For a Lower/Middle Paleolithic Division in Western Europe 2000
Brian L. Peasnall The Round House Horizon Along the Taurus-Zagros Arc: A Synthesis of Recent Excavations of Late Epipaleolithic and Early Aceramic Sites in Southeastern Anatolia and Northern Iraq 2000
Laurel L. Taylor Dying Like A Roman: Funerary Monuments and the Creation of Provincial Material Culture in Roman Venetia 2000
Irene Lee Good The Ecology of Exchange: Textiles from Shahr-i Sokhta, Eastern Iran 1999
Susan Lynn Petrakis Ayioryitika: A Neolithic Settlement in Eastern Arcadia, Greece 1999
Elin Corey Danien The Chama Polychrome Ceramic Cylinders 1998
Jonathan Michael Golden The Dawn of the Metal Age: Social Complexity and the Rise of Copper Metallurgy During the Chalcolithic of the Southern Levant, Circa 4500-3500 B.C. 1998
Stephen Phillip Harvey The Cults of King Ahmose at Abydos 1998
Shawna Leigh The Aqueduct of Hadrian and the Water Supply of Roman Athens 1998
Lada Onyshkevych Archaic and Classical Cult-Related Graffiti from the Northern Black Sea Region 1998
Maria Karvouni Treading On the Rhythmos of a Greek Temple 1997
Scott Michael Rusch Poliorcetic Assault in the Peloponnesian War 1997
Paul Douglas Scotton The Julian Basilica at Corinth: An Architectural Investigation 1997
Polyxeni Bougia Ancient Bridges in Greece and Coastal Asia Minor 1996
Branko Mitrovic The Theory of Proportions in Daniele Barbaro's Commentary On Vitruvius' 'de Architectura' 1996
Stacie Lynn Olson New Kingdom Funerary Figurines in Context: An Analysis of the Cemeteries of Aniba, Gurob, and Soleb 1996
Josef William Wegner The Mortuary Complex of Senwosret III: A Study of Middle Kingdom State Activity and the Cult of Osiris at Abydos 1996
Elizabeth Garrett Hamilton Technology and Social Change: The Iron Age and Gallo-Roman Copper-Working Industry at the Titelberg, G.D. Luxembourg, Circa 125 B.C.-A.D. 300 1995
Claudia E. Suter Gudea's Temple Building: A Comparison of Written and Pictorial Accounts 1995
Effie-Fotini Athanassopoulos Intensive Survey and Medieval Rural Settlement: The Case of Nemea 1994
Judith Kingston Bjorkman Hoards and Deposits in Bronze Age Mesopotamia 1994
William Dale Glanzman Toward A Classification and Chronology of Pottery from HR3 (Hajar Ar-Rayhani), Wadi Al-Jubah, Republic of Yemen 1994
Anton Jansen Stations Along the Roads in the Area of Mycenae: An Analysis of the Mycenaean Road System and its Relation to the Mycenaean State 1994
Christofilis Maggidis Burial Building 19 at Archanes: A Study of Prepalatial and Early Protopalatial Funerary Architecture and Ritual 1994
Nancy Joan Skon-Jedele "Aigyptiaka": A Catalogue of Egyptian and Egyptianizing Objects Excavated from Greek Archaeological Sites, Ca. 1100-525 B.C. 1994
Lee Ann Turner The History, Monuments and Topography of Ancient Lebadeia in Boeotia, Greece 1994
Linda Beth Bregstein Seal Use in Fifth Century B.C. Nippur, Iraq: A Study of Seal Selection and Sealing Practices in The Murashu Archive 1993
Timothy Cecil Matney A Semantic Model for the Analysis of Architecture from Late Third Millennium B.C. Mesopotamia 1993
Kim S. Shelton The Late Helladic Pottery from Prosymna 1993
Eleni Spyridonos Banou Pottery Groups from the West Side of Area A at Pseira 1992
Patricia Annie Bochi Agricultural Scenes in the Private Tombs of the Eighteenth Dynasty: A Study in Iconographic Polyvalence 1992
David Hulburt Conwell The Athenian Long Walls: Chronology, Topography and Remains 1992
Heidi M. C. Dierckx Aspects of Minoan Technology, Culture, and Economy: The Bronze Age Stone Industry of Crete 1992
Jean M. Donohoe The Lapithos-Lower Geometric Cemetery: An Early Iron Age Necropolis in Cyprus (Report of the 1931-1932 Excavations of the Cyprus Expedition of the University of Pennsylvania Museum) 1992
Ayşe Gürsan-Salzmann Alaca Höyük: A Reassessment of the Excavation and Sequence of the Early Bronze Age Settlement 1992
Janice Kamrin Monument and Microcosm: The 12th Dynasty Tomb Chapel of Khnumhotep II at Beni Hasan 1992
Janet E. Richards Mortuary Variability and Social Differentiation in Middle Kingdom Egypt 1992
Georgia Salapata Lakonian Votive Plaques with Particular Reference to the Sanctuary of Alexandra at Amyklai 1992
Michael Frank Arnush The Chronology of Delphi in the Late Fourth and Early Third Centuries B.C.: An Epigraphic and Historical Analysis 1991
Martha Rhoads Bell The Tutankhamun Burnt Group from Gurob, Egypt: Bases for the Absolute Chronology of LH III A and B 1991
Eric H. Cline Orientalia in the Late Bronze Age Aegean: A Catalogue and Analysis of Trade and Contacts Between the Aegean and Egypt, Anatolia and the Near East 1991
Simon John Holdaway Resharpening Reduction and Lithic Assemblage Variability Across the Middle to Upper Paleolithic Transition 1991
Diana Craig Patch The Origin and Early Development of Urbanism in Ancient Egypt: A Regional Study 1991
Tammi Joy Schneider A New Analysis of the Royal Annals of Shalmaneser III 1991
Taleb Abdallah Smadi The Umayyad Presence in The Bilad Al-Sham: A Toponymic Study 1991
Jennifer Lynn Tobin The Monuments of Herodes Atticus 1991
Jeffrey Alan Blakely Historical Geography and its Impact on the Analysis and Publication of Excavated Ceramics in the British and American Traditions of Palestinian Archaeology 1990
Abdu O. Ghaleb Agricultural Practices in Ancient Radman and Wadi Al-Jubah (Yemen) 1990
Marilyn Louise Simon Late Bronze Age Ivories from Cyprus 1990
Lawrence Elliott Butler The Nave Cornices of Hagia Sophia in Istanbul 1989
Jodi Magness A Typology of the Late Roman and Byzantine Pottery of Jerusalem 1989
Hamzeh Mazlough Mahasneh The Settlement Patterns in the Levant During the Neolithic Period 1989
Martha Kay Risser Corinthian Conventionalizing Pottery 1989
Lee Claflin Horne The Spatial Organization of Rural Settlement in Khar O Tauran, Iran: An Ethnoarchaeological Case Study 1988
Michelle Irene Marcus The Seals and Sealings from Hasanlu IVB, Iran 1988
Mitchell S. Rothman Centralization, Administration, and Function at Fourth Millennium, B.C. Tepe Gawra, Northern Iraq 1988
Alaa El-Din M. Shaheen Historical Significance of Selected Scenes Involving Western Asiatics and Nubians in the Private Theban Tombs of the XVIIIth Dynasty 1988
Gil Jeremy Stein Pastoral Production in Complex Societies: Mid - Late Third Millennium B.C. and Medieval Faunal Remains from Gritille Hoyuk in the Karababa Basin, Southeast Turkey 1988
Zahi Abass Hawass The Funerary Establishments of Khufu, Khafra and Menkaura During the Old Kingdom 1987
Barbara Barrett Kling Mycenaean III C: 1B and Related Pottery in Cyprus 1987
Lucinda Rasmussen McCallum Decorative Program in the Mycenaean Palace of Pylos: The Megaron Frescoes 1987
Judith Weinstein Balthazar Copper and Bronze Working in Early through Middle Bronze Age Cyprus 1986
Pamela Jaye Russell The Pottery from the Late Cypriot IIC Settlement at Kalavasos-Ayios Dhimitrios, Cyprus: The 1979-1984 Excavation Seasons 1986
David Waller Anthony The Social and Economic Implications of the Domestication of the Horse 1985
Jane Derose Evans The Legends of Early Rome Used as Political Propaganda in the Roman Republican and Augustan Periods (Numismatics, Painting, Sculpture) 1985
Elizabeth Simpson The Wooden Furniture from Tumulus MM at Gordion, Turkey 1985
Murray C. McClellan Core-formed Glass from Dated Contexts (Classical, Mediterranean) 1984
Frederick Alan Winter Late Classical and Hellenistic Pottery from Gordion: The Imported Black Glazed Wares 1984
Fredric Richard Brandfon Beginning of the Iron Age in Palestine 1983
Cynthia Milton Harrison Coins of the Persian Satraps 1982
Nicholas Bains Hartmann Iron-Working in Southern Etruria in the Ninth and Eighth Centuries B.C 1982
Robert Barry Koehl The Imported Bronze and Iron Age Wares from Area II, Sounding X at Sarepta (Modern Sarafand), Lebanon 1982
Mary Elizabeth Moser The "Southern Villanovan" Culture of Campania 1982
William Michael Murray The Coastal Sites Of Western Akarnania: A Topographical-Historical Survey 1982
Barbara Jeanne Hayden The Development of Cretan Architecture from the LM IIIA through the Geometric Periods 1981
Paul Forsythe Johnston Ship and Boat Models in Ancient Greece 1981
Issam Ali Khalifeh A Stratigraphic and Ceramic Analysis of the Late Bronze and Iron Age Periods from Area II, Sounding X, A/B-8/9, at Sarepta (Modern Sarafand), Lebanon 1981
Vincent Charles Pigott The Adoption of Iron in Western Iran in the Early First Millennium B.C.: An Archaeometallurgical Study 1981
David Gilman Romano The Stadia of the Peloponnesos 1981
Andrew Sillen Strontium and Diet at Hayonim Cave, Israel: An Evaluation of the Strontium/Calcium Technique for investigating Prehistoric Diets 1981
Kathryn Maurer Trinkaus The Partho-Sassanian Northeast Frontier: Settlement in the Damghan Plain, Iran 1981
Carl Graham Bennett The Cults of the Ancient Greek Cypriotes 1980
Kristine Stuart Brown The Question of Near Eastern Textile Decoration of the Early First Millennium B.C. as a Source for Greek Vase Painting of the Orientalizing Style 1980
Jamal Hussein El-Harami Greek Terracotta Figurines from the Demeter Sanctuary, Cyrene, 1969-1977 1980
David Simon Geddes Patterns of Animal Exploitation in the Late Mesolithic and Early Neolithic in the Aude Valley (Southern France) 1980
Patrick Edward McGovern Ornamental and Amuletic Jewelry Pendants of Late Bronze Age Palestine: An Archaeological Study 1980
Ilene Mildred Nicholas A Spatial/Functional Analysis of Late Fourth Millennium Occupation at the Tuv Mound, Tal-E Malyan, Iran 1980
Irene Bald Romano Early Greek Cult Images 1980
Alan Stuart Walker A Chronological Study of the Greek Imperial Coinage of Athens Based on the Collection of the Agora Excavations at Athens 1980
Philip Howard Young Building Projects and Archaic Greek Tyrants 1980
John Rogers Abercrombie Palestinian Burial Practices from 1200 to 600 B.C.E. 1979
William Paul Anderson A Stratigraphic and Ceramic Analysis of the Late Bronze and Iron Age Strata of Sounding Y at Sarepta (Sarafand, Lebanon) 1979
Cynthia Jones Eiseman The Porticello Shipwreck: A Mediterranean Merchant Vessel of 415 - 385 B.C. 1979
Cynthia Jones Eiseman The Porticello Shipwreck: A Mediterranean Merchant Vessel of 415 - 385 B.C 1979
Stuart Jay Fiedel Intra- and Inter-Cultural Variability in Mesolithic and Neolithic Mortuary Practices in the Near East 1979
Charles Warner Gates, III Burials at Ialysos and Kameiros (Rhodes) in the Mid Archaic Period, ca. 625-525 B.C 1979
Jeanne Marty-Peppers Selected Roman Pottery, Isthmia Excavations, 1967-1972 1979
Engin Özgen The Urartian Bronze Collection at the University Museum: The Urartian Armor 1979
Alan Cunningham Brookes The Chronology and Development of Daedalic Sculpture 1978
Ellen Carol Herscher The Bronze Age Cemetery at Lapithos, Vrysi Tou Barba, Cyprus; Results of the University of Pennsylvania Museum Excavation, 1931 1978
Arcadia Xenia Kocybala Greek Colonization on the North Shore of the Black Sea in the Archaic Period 1978
Gerald Paul Schaus Archaic Greek Pottery From The Demeter Sanctuary, Cyrene 1969-1976: Minor Fabrics 1978
Jean Schneer Silverman The Gournia Collection in the University Museum: A Study in East Cretan Pottery 1978
Charles Kaufman Williams, II Pre-Roman Cults in the Area of the Forum of Ancient Corinth 1978
Barry John Brady Etruscan Bucchero Chalices in the University Museum 1977
Maurizio Gualtieri Iron in Calabria in the Ninth and Eighth Centuries B.C. 1977
Peter Ian Kuniholm Dendrochronology at Gordion and on the Anatolian Plateau 1977
Sadegh Malek Shahmirzadi Tepe Zagheh: A Sixth Millennium B.C. Village in the Qazvin Plain of the Central Iranian Plateau 1977
David Michael Van Horn Bronze Age Chipped Stone Tools from the Argolid of Greece and their Relation to Tools Manufactured from Other Materials 1976
Mary Mathilda Voigt Hajji Firuz Tepe: An Economic Reconstruction of a Sixth Millennium Community in Western Iran 1976
Harvey Weiss Ceramics for Chronology: Discriminant and Cluster Analyses of Fifth Millennium Ceramic Assemblages from Qabr Sheykheyn, Khuzestan 1976
Joanna Alice McClellan The Iron Objects from Gordion, A Typological and Functional Analysis 1975
Thomas Lynn McClellan Quantitative Studies in the Iron Age Pottery of Palestine 1975
William Edward Stevenson, III The Pathological Grotesque Representation in Greek and Roman Art 1975
Elizabeth Ruth Jewell The Archaeology and History of Western Anatolia During the Second Millennium, B.C. 1974
Jeremy Bentham Rutter The Late Helladic IIIB and IIIC Periods at Korakou and Gonia in the Corinthia 1974
Phoebe Aldrich Sheftel The Ivory, Bone and Shell Objects from Gordion from the Campaigns of 1950 through 1973 1974
Ray Anita Slater The Archaeology of Dendereh in the First Intermediate Period 1974
Karen Donne Vitelli The Greek Neolithic Patterned Urfirnis Ware from the Franchthi Cave and Lerna 1974
Livingston Vance Watrous An Archaeological Survey of the Lasithi Plain in Crete from the Neolithic to the Late Roman Period 1974
Nina Poe Zouck Turned and Hand-Carved Alabaster from Gordion 1974
Harrison Eiteljorg, II The Greek Architect of the Fourth-Century B.C.: Master Craftsman or Master Planner 1973
Jeffrey Scott Soles The Gournia House Tombs: A Study of the Architecture, Chronology and Use of the Built Rectangular Tombs of Crete 1973
James Morris Weinstein Foundation Deposits in Ancient Egypt 1973
William Stanton Woodard Prolegomena to the Religion of Knossos 1973
Merle Kenneth Langdon The Sanctuary of Zeus Ombrios on Mount Hymettos 1972
Harold Alter Liebowitz Regionalism in the Art of Syria and Palestine in the Middle Bronze Age 1972
Michael Max Eisman Attic Kyathos Painters 1971
G. Kenneth Sams The Phrygian Painted Pottery of Early Iron Age Gordion and its Anatolian Setting 1971
Philip Pablo Betancourt The Origin and Diffusion of Metallic Shaft-Hole Implements in the Aegean Early Bronze Age 1970
James Robert Carpenter Propylon in Greek and Hellenistic Architecture 1970
Frederick Alexander Cooper The Temple of Apollo at Bassai 1970
Wellington Willson Cummer, III A Monumental Roman Tomb at Corinthian Kenchreai 1970
Keith Robert Devries A Study of Boeotian Incised Fibulae and their Antecedents 1970
Joseph Winterbotham Shaw Minoan Building Materials and their Uses 1970
Louis David Levine Contributions to the Historical Geography of the Zagros in the Neo- Assyrian Period 1969
Charlotte Alice Brodkey Moore Description and Analysis of the Bronze and Lead Objects in the Herman V. Hilprecht Collection. The University Museum of the University of Pennsylvania 1969
Sterling Peter Vinson An Archaeological Survey in South Italy 1969
William Richard Biers Investigations at Phlius 1968
Pamela Hemphill An Archaeological Survey of the Hill Region South of Lago Bracciano, Southern Etruria 1968
Jane Williams Sammis The Gnathian Pelike: Local Centers of Production 1968
James Andrew Dengate The Coinage of Klazomenai 1967
Stephen Lloyd Glass Palaistra and Gymnasium in Greek Architecture 1967
Frederick Hendrik Van Doorninck, Jr The Seventh Century Byzantine Ship at Yassi Ada: Some Contributions to the History of Naval Architecture 1967
Crawford Hallock Greenewalt, Jr Lydian Pottery of the Sixth-Century B.C.: The Lydion and Marbled Ware 1966
Oscar White Muscarella Phrygian Fibulae from Gordion 1965
Murray Boyd Nicol White-On-Black Painted Ware. (A Case Study for the Relationship Between Artifact Groups and Historical Events) 1965
George Fletcher Bass Cape Gelidonya: A Bronze Age Shipwreck 1964
Robert Arthur Hadley Deified Kingship and Propaganda Coinage in the Early Hellenistic Age: 323-280 B.C. 1964
Thomas Warren Jacobsen Prehistoric Euboia 1964
Theodore Cuyler Young, Jr Proto-historic Western Iran, an Archaeological and Historical Review: Problems and Possible Interpretations 1963
Ann Konrad Knudsen A Study of the Relation Between Phrygian Metalware and Pottery in the Eighth and Seventh Centuries B.C. 1961
George Franklin Dales, Jr Mesopotamian and Related Female Figurines: Their Chronology, Diffusion, and Cultural Functions 1960
Henry George Fischer Denderah in the Old Kingdom and its Aftermath 1955
John Franklin Daniel Prolegomena to the Cypro-Minoan Script 1941
Marian Welker Diffusion of Ceramic Types in Western Asia in the Third and Second Millennia B.C. 1939
Valdimir Jaroslav Fewkes The Neolithic Age in Bohemia 1931
Cora Aileen Pickett The Temple of Quirinus 1930
Benson Brush Charles Recent Researches in Hittite Lands 1910
William John Hinke A New Boundary Stone of Nebuchadrezzar I from Nippur 1906
James Turley Van Burkalow, Jr Buildings of Nebu-Kadnezzar 1898