Upcoming AAMW Archaeological Events

Every year, during both the Fall and Spring semesters, AAMW students organize a series of informal talks, the AAMW Lunches, offering a chance for graduate students and professors to present and discuss their current research.
Fri, 23-Oct-2015
12 pm | 
Penn Museum, Classroom 2
Golden Excess: Nero’s Portraits, the Cult of Luxury and the Rise of the Second Sophistic.
Dr. Eric Varner
Emory University
Fri, 30-Oct-2015
12 pm | 
Penn Museum, Room 345
Near East Gallery Preview and Open Discussion
Curators of the Near East section
Fri, 6-Nov-2015
12 pm | 
Penn Museum, Classroom 2
Preserving the Historical Landscape and Open-Air Archaeological Site at Gordion
Dr. Naomi Miller
Penn Museum
Fri, 13-Nov-2015
12 pm | 
Penn Museum, Classroom 2
Gender and Identity in the Hasanlu IVB Burials
Dr. Megan Cifarelli
Manhattenville College
Fri, 20-Nov-2015
12 pm | 
Penn Museum, Classroom 2
A Continuing Conversation about Alalakh: New Fresco Fragments from the Level VII Palace
Dr. Aslıhan Yener
University of Chicago
Fri, 4-Dec-2015
12 pm | 
Penn Museum, Classroom 2
The Impact of Assyrian Siege Warfare on the God of Israel
Dr. Elizabeth Bloch-Smith
Saint Joseph's University

Lectures of the Philadelphia Society (AIA)

A series of lectures organized by the Philadelphia Society of the Archaeological Institute of America. All lectures are free and open to the public.

Please visit the AIA Philadelphia Society's website for a schedule of their events.