Interview with Joshua Siegel, C'07

Joshua Siegel, C'07 - Associate (Lawyer) at Stroock & Stroock & Lavan LLP
Major: International Relations
Location: New York, NY

How has your liberal arts degree been influential throughout your career? 

As an international relations major, I spent a lot of time trying to understand the world through the evolution of historical political balances of power, and beyond helping me digest a newspaper, what I studied really gave me the context and lens to have an informed view on how politics directly impacts economies and global financial markets.

What is the value of the Penn network, and how has it played a role in your career? 

The Penn network has been absolutely invaluable to my career. I come into contact with people from Penn nearly every day at my job both inside and outside of my office (I work alongside of many Penn alums). For example, I’m currently working on a bankruptcy case where there are three lawyers all representing different clients who are all my year and who I was friendly with at Penn, and that creates a great tone right off the bat. The network goes way beyond career as well, as I met my (incredible) wife at Penn, and so many of my friends who were dating at Penn also ended up together.

How do you stay connected with Penn Arts and Sciences, and why is it a priority for you? 

I stay connected by doing my best to attend each of the events the alumni network puts on in New York and also recently signed up to interview candidates for the College. It’s a priority because of how much love and respect I have for the university.

What advice would you give students at the College who are trying to decide what career path to pursue? 

Make the most you can of your summers and try as diverse of experiences as you can think of covering industries and studies in countries in which you have an interest. Taking advantage of any ability to expand your worldview and perspective beyond the classroom while you’re still at school is hugely beneficial to providing some real world first hand guidance on what it is you want to do with yourself after you graduate.

What was your favorite course at the College and why? 

My favorite course was international security with Professor Avery Goldstein. The course really sparked my interest in international political strategy, and I took a bunch more courses in this area as a result of this class. Professor Goldstein is an excellent and engaging teacher and is really a master of his domain.