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Gregory L. Callaghan

Greg joined the Ancient History program at Penn in 2014, after completing his BA in Latin at the College of William & Mary, with other studies including time at Hertford College, Oxford. He has also participated in two excavation seasons at the Athenian Agora. Greg has had the opportunity to study with a wide-range of scholars with considerably varied interests, and this is reflected in his own diverse approach to the study of the ancient world. 

Greg's research interests are, in many ways, as varied as his scholastic methods. Currently, his research trends towards questions of international interactions and state identity in the Eastern Mediterranean in the wake of Roman expansion, with particular attention paid to Pergamon at the moment. Other research interests include larger questions of international relations, Roman Republican political institutions in the 3rd and 2nd centuries BCE (especially the office of the censor), the problematization of Panhellenism, and various issues of identity in the Greek world. Much of his work is defined by asserting the agency, identity and individualism of groups typically subsumed by scholars into larger narratives (be those narratives of Roman expansion, Panhellenism, state organization, etc.). 

For an up-to-date survey of Greg's scholastic and professional activities, along with a selected sampling of his writing, please see his academia profile at