Coming Events

Book Launch: Emily Wilson’s Odyssey Translation
13 November 2017
Emily Wilson
Penn Book Center

A Lost Queen of the Sun? Tel Beth Shemesh, the Age of Amarna, and the Mysterious "Mistress of the Lions"
13 November 2017
Zvi Lederman
Penn Museum, Classroom 2

Writing in an Age of Transition: Life, Works and Books of John Dokeianos, a Late Byzantine Author, Scribe and Book-Collector
13 November 2017
Anna Calia
Scheide Caldwell House, Room 103

Ancient World Research and Tools in Synergy
13 November 2017
Mark Depauw
ISAW Lecture Hall

A Contested Legacy: Greece and Rome in American Political Discourse
14 November 2017
Joe Ferrell
Penn Museum Widener Auditorium

Ancient World Research and Tools in Synergy
14 November 2017
Mark Depauw
East Pyne, Room 010

Imperial Visual Propaganda: Claims of Legitimacy in the Byzantine Paris Psalter
14 November 2017
Ioli Kalavrezou
McCormick, Room 101

The Architectural and Social Dynamics of Gentrification in Roman North Africa
14 November 2017
Andrew Dufton
Jaffe Building, Room 113

Knowing Pleasures: The Art of Kingship at a South Indian Court
15 November 2017
Anna Seastrand
Van Pelt-Dietrich Library, Class of ‘55 Room

The Rose-Marie Lewent Conference - The Dead Sea Scrolls at 70
16-17 November 2017

Decoding the Thesaurus Linquae Latinae: A Practical Workshop
16 November 2017

Butler Library, Room 306

The Gordion Cultural Heritage Program as Public Engagement
16 November 2017
Ayse Gursan-Salzmann
Penn Museum, Nevil Classroom

Selective Memory and Epic Reminiscence in Sophocles’ Ajax
16 November 2017
Sheila Murnaghan
Cohen Hall, Room 402

The Book of Ruth & the Question of Migration
16 November 2017
Ilana Pardes
Jones Hall, Room 102

Exhibition Lecture: Photography and the Early Excavations at Knossos: A Closer Look in the Sir Arthur Evans Archive
16 November 2017
Senta German
ISAW Second Floor Lecture Hall

Seminar on Greek and Roman Architecture: The Red and the Black
16 November 2017
Rachel Kousser
Institute of Fine Arts Lecture Hall

University Seminar
16 November 2017
Charles McNelis
Columbia University Faculty House

The Neues Museum of the Berlin Museum Island – Highlights and recent discoveries from the Egyptian Papyrus Collection
17 November 2017
Verena Lepper
East Pyne

Allegoresis in the fifth century BCE: Evidence in the Derveni Papyrus, Plato, and Herodotus
17 November 2017
Mirjam Kotwick
Hamilton Hall, Room 603

Mechanical Caesar
17 November 2017
Serena Connolly
Rhys Carpenter Library, Room B21

The Afterlife of Egyptian Kings
18 November 2017
David P. Silverman
Penn Museum Room 345