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The Mitchell Center Presents: Politics on the Edge

IN THE “THE MITCHELL CENTER PRESENTS: POLITICS ON THE EDGE” SERIES, the Mitchell Center joins forces with the Philomathean Society, an intellectual society at Penn in operation since 1813, to invite outside speakers to discuss contemporary political issues in a convivial yet serious atmosphere. We will invite leading figures from diverse fields—journalism, political advocacy, academia, and art—to share perspectives that are fresh and novel, whether because of the topics they address, the provocative nature of their arguments, or their simple excellence. As with all Mitchell Center programs, these events are open to the public. 


Tuesday, November 14
Time and Location TBD

JARED BECK (co-managing partner of the law firm Beck & Lee) is leading a class action lawsuit against the Democratic National Committee, claiming that it did not fairly represent Bernie Sanders and that it was biased in favor of Hillary Clinton. The case involves at least 10,000 fellow litigants.  Mr. Beck also has a book forthcoming to respond to Hillary Clinton's claims about what went wrong in her campaign.