Irina Piipo

Visiting Scholar

PhD (General Linguistics, University of Helsinki), MA (Arabic and Islamic Studies, University of Helsinki)

Irina is working on a book manuscript titled “Viewing norms dialogically: an action-oriented approach to sociolinguistic metatheory”. The work explores the metatheoretical basis of normativity in different branches of sociolinguistics with the aim of promoting theoretical self-understanding in the field. In addition to that, her current projects include an ethnographically oriented study that empirically investigates the construction and maintenance of normativity in Palestinian Arabic.  The project focuses especially on educational settings and the dynamics of standard register and regional varieties. The project is based on more than two and a half years of sociolinguistic and ethnographic fieldwork in the Jerusalem area.

Irina currently holds an ASLA-Fulbright Fellowship. She is visiting the Department from the Finnish Centre of Excellence in Research on Intersubjectivity in Interaction, University of Helsinki.

Research Interests:

Sociolinguistic metatheory, linguistic anthropology, normativity in language, linguistic standards and standard languages, language socialization, Arabic sociolinguistics.

513 University Museum