Tribute to Loren Eiseley

Thursday, November 15, 2012 - 7:00pm
Event Location: 
Bombay Room of the Chestnut Hill Hotel, 8229 Germantown Avenue


The Chestnut Hill Book Festival organizers are looking for people who'd like to join them in offering a tribute to the famed and beloved Philadelphia writer, Loren Eiseley. The event will take place on November 15 at 7 p.m. in the Bombay Room of the Chestnut Hill Hotel, 8229 Germantown Avenue, as part of the Chestnut Hill Book Festival's ongoing speaker/writer series.

            Interested persons may take part in the tribute in any number of ways.

            First: You are welcome to come and speak briefly about how Loren Eiseley's writings have touched your heart or mind.

            Second: You could read a favorite passage from any of his writings.

            Third: You're invited to bring an artistic painting, drawing, collage, video, photographs or sound recordings.

            Fourth: If you have signed copies of Loren Eiseley's books and would like to show them to others or talk about how you acquired the book, please do so.

            Fifth: You're welcome to attend, just to listen.

            Please bear in mind that you need not be an "expert," i.e. a scholar, an author, a person who once knew Eiseley, a professional speaker. The only qualification you need to attend and – if you like – participate is that you have read Loren Eiseley (or are considering it) and have something to say. Let's call this a "people-to-people" conference.

            The amount of time you'll get to speak depends on how many other folks want to speak that night. Be prepared to sum up your thoughts in a sentence or two and feel blessed if a snowstorm turns back all but two or three of us. Then we will be able to talk at length. If a lot of people come, think of this as a collective voice tribute.

             Contact Hugh Gilmore (former U of P-trained primatologist) via e-mail (" or snail mail (8618 Millman Place, Philadelphia, 19118) as soon as possible so we can organize this program. If the tribute program gets overly-filled with speakers we'll give preference on a first-come first–served basis, so get your bid in early.

            For Hugh Gilmore's connection to Loren Eiseley, go to and see his "A Remembrance of Loren Eiseley." (E-book format only)