Examples of Undergraduate Theses
To see a fairly exhaustive list of thesis authors, titles, subjects, and advisors, click here. Bold entries indicate thesis prize winners. The full text of all listed theses is available for perusal in the Anthropology Department Offices. Contact  the Undergraduate Coordinator for more details. Otherwise, see below for select abstracts from past theses.


  • Adler, Rachel A. [Abstract]
    An Archaeology of Purity: Heterodoxy in Ritual Bathing in Early Judaism
  • Baron, Joanne [Abstract]
    Sport, Community, and the Ballgame at Yalbac, Belize
  • Bracken, Justin [Abstract]
    Diqdiqqah, a Suburb of Ur
  • Hu, Di [Abstract]
    Between the Sword and the Wall: Inca and Modern Peruvian State Strategies of Control in Pomatambo-Vilcashuaman
  • Lanza, Emily [Abstract]
    Markers of Identity: A Study of Pennsylvania German Gravestones in Berks County, Pennsylvania
  • Peterson, Sarah [Abstract]
    Ornamentation and Intercultural Contact in the Early Bronze Age: A Preliminary Study of the Beads
  • Tarpey, Barbara Clare [Abstract]
    The Social Context of Legislating NAGPRA

Cultural Anthropology

  • Green, Robert Caleb [Abstract]
    Of Theatre: Its Production and Reception
  • Hawkes, Katie M. [Abstract]
    Communication and Collaboration: How relationships between local populations and environmental non-governmental organizations could be improved
  • Leonard, Elizabeth
    Towards World Citizenship: Ethnography of the World Culture Initiative and Multicultural Curricula
  • McEntee, Gwen E. [Abstract]
    Recent Trends in the Knitting World: Impact of the Internet, Feminism, and Other Social Forces
  • Patterson, Lisa [Abstract]
    Development, Power and Movements: A Comparative Case Study of Communities and Empowerment
  • Pederson, Andrew L. [Abstract]
    Printing Fuck: Resistance and Commodification at an Urban Alt Weekly
  • Peters, Alison
    Identity Relationships and Culture in the Camden County Jail
  • Simley, Shakirah [Abstract]
    West Harlem on their Minds: Mapping Power, Identity and Inclusion in a Changing Neighborhood

Biological Anthropology

  • Bergamo, Cara E. [Abstract]
    An Evaluation of a Mathematical Approach to Bitemark Analysis: Do Teeth Really Tell It All?
  • Di Paola, David S. [Abstract]
    Dental Attrition and the Third Molar
  • Pai, Athma A. [Abstract]
    The Genetic History of the Saraswat Brahmins: Origins and Affinities with Indian Populations
  • Sen, Aslihan [Abstract]
    The Genetic History of the Karachay
  • Zoltick, Emilie [Abstract]
    Frostbite and the Skeletal Remains of Native Alaskans

Medical Anthropology and Global Health

  • Lewis, Jessica M. [Abstract]
    Political Economy and Depression in Older Adults
  • Pierre, Nerlie [Abstract]
    The Culture of Haitian Medicine: Route 87
  • Cherian, Teenu [Abstract]
    Diabetes in the U.S. Asian-Indian Population: Finding Answers in Diet and Lifestyle