Submatriculation Option

Submatriculation for MA Degree.

Submatriculation is an option available to Penn undergraduates in which a student who petitions and is accepted into the special program can receive their BA and MA degrees simultaneously. The College of the School of Arts and Science has full details about this program. See <>.

Some important information for Penn undergraduates considering Submatriculation:

  • Students must take at least one graduate level course in Anthropology before applying;
  • Undergraduate students accepted into the submatriculation program will be held to the same academic standards as graduate students.
  • Submatriculants are expected to finish both degrees within 4 years;
  • A limit of 4 credit units at the graduate level can be included in both the BA and the MA degrees (the minimum number of credit units is 36), and these cannot include independent study courses;
  • Applicants must be approved by the Undergraduate Chair and the Graduate Chair in consultation with the Graduate Group for admission;
  • Few students are accepted into the program. Successful applicants are students who have a demonstrated record of excellence in coursework, research, and writing;
  • Submatriculation applications are due before or on February 1 during the Junior year to be considered during deliberations of regular applications to the Graduate Program. The application should be discussed with the Graduate Chair and Undergraduate Chair earlier than February. An application consists of a Statement of Purpose, a recommendation letter from a faculty member who would serve as advisor (submitted separately), and a completed Application for Submatriculation (

If you would like more information on how to begin the process of applying to the submatriculation program contact the Graduate Coordinator at