ANTH212 - PSTCLNL PRSP AFRCN DEV: Postcolonial Perspectives on African Development

Equality, as a crucial component of democratic ideals, has been promoted by many working to realize "progress" or "development" in Africa - imperialists, missionaries, nationalist governments, and NGOs alike. This course explores the historical dimensions of both the ideologies and implementation of egalitarian policies, as well as their experiences of globally designed policies, we will deal with the diverse and complex articulations of equality and hierarchy. While the course will primarily address case studies from continental Africa and Madagascar, fruitful comparisons will also be drawn with the caste politics and the process of democratization on the Indian subcontinent. We will engage a wide range of ethnographies and anthropological analytics, with the latter including colonial and postcolonial studies, anthropology of development, anthropology of Christianity, and cognitive anthropology.
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