ANTH511 - ETHICS,ARCH&CULT HERITAG: Ethics, Archaeology & Cultural Heritage

This seminar will explore some of the most important issues that are now a central part of archaeological, anthropological and historical research throughout the world. The identification and control of cultural heritage is a central part of the framework for research within other communities. Issues for this course will also include cultural identity, human rights, repatriation, colonialism, working with communities and many other topics. Field research today must be based upon a new series of ethical standards that will be discussed and examined within this class. Major Topics include: cultural heritage - definitions and constructs, cosmopolitanism and collecting, archeaology and looting, cultural heritage preservation, museums - universal and national, museum aquisition policies, cultural identity, international conventions (including underwater issues), national laws of ownership, community based development, cultural tourism, development models, and human rights.
Section 401 - SEM -
T 0200PM-0500PM