This course focuses on real world community problems, engaged scholarship and the evaluation of Penn programs and partnerships intended to improve social conditions in West Philadelphia. The course is rooted in Public Interest Anthropology (PIA). Two trends emerge from the rubric of public interest social science: 1.) merging problem solving with theory and analysis in the interest of change motivated by a commitment to social justice, racial harmony, equality, and human rights; and 2.) engaging in public debate on human issues to make the research results accessible to a broad audience. Combining these focus areas, this course will deal with critical research and the evaluation of programs organized around academically-based community service (ABCS) with a focus on social change. As part of the course, students will conduct an evaluation of an actively-running Netter Center/Penn program designed to improve quality of life and/or health status among West Philadelphia children, youth and families to support a mutually-beneficial partnership. The focus of the evaluation will be dependent upon student interest, the number of students in the course, and program needs.
Section 601 - SEM - Anthropology and Praxis: Transforming Social Life
S 1200PM-0240PM