Britt Dahlberg

Research Interests:

Medical and psychological anthropology; science and technology studies; study of knowledge production; relationships between social processes and subjectivity, especially around experiences and diagnoses of mental disorders, and knowledge production and management of environmental risk.


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Dahlberg, Britt, Barg, Frances, Gallo, Joseph, & Wittink, Marsha. (2009) Bridging psychiatric and anthropological approaches to the study of lay notions of distress: The case of “nerves” in the United States. Ethos 37(3):282-313.

Wittink, Marsha, Dahlberg, Britt, Biruk, Crystal, and Barg, Frances. (2008) How older adults combine medical and experiential notions of depression. Qualitative Health Research 18(9):1174-1183.

Bogner, Hillary, Dahlberg, Britt, de Vries, Heather, Cahill, Eileen, & Barg, Frances.(2008) Older patients' views on the relationship between depression and heart disease. Family Medicine 40(9):652-7."