Deborah I. Olszewski

Adjunct Professor in Anthropology

University of Arizona Ph.D. 1984

Research Interests:

Prehistoric hunter‑gatherer adaptations; origins of agriculture; Middle Eastern, Egyptian, and North African Paleolithic, Epipaleolithic, and Neolithic; applications of chipped and ground stone analyses; American Southwest; European Paleolithic and Mesolithic; pre-Contact Hawai’i.


Recent Peer-Reviewed Publications


Wenke, R.J. and D.I. Olszewski. 2007. Patterns in Prehistory. Humankind’s First Three Million Years, 5th edition. New York: Oxford University Press.


Journals and Edited Volumes

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University Museum Room 343


(215) 573 4777


Anthropology adjunct faculty; Consulting Scholar, European Section, Penn Museum; Fellow, Penn Center for Native American Studies.