Spring 2014 Colloquium Schedule


17 Emily Neumeier, Ph.D. Candidate, “A ‘Theater of Fortune and Triumph’:  Ali Pasha of Ioannina and the Architectural Transformation of an Ottoman Province (1778-1822)”

24 Christine Poggi, “Stage at the Edge of the Sea:  Picasso and Classical Mythology”

31 Nina Dubin, CASVA/University of Illinois at Chicago, “Love, Trust, Risk:  Painting Paper in the Eighteenth Century”


7 André Dombrowski, “Monet/Painting/Time”

14 NO COLLOQUIUM – College Art Association Conference, Chicago

21 Heather Hughes, Ph.D. Candidate "Customs and Costumes: Delineating Identity in the Seventeenth-Century Costume Print"

28 Jeannie Kenmotsu, Ph.D. Candidate, “Brocade Pictures:  Printing Color in Eighteenth-Century Japan”

[27-28  GSWS & Penn Women Center, 40th anniversary conference]


7 & 14 NO COLLOQUIUM- Spring Break

21-22   Philadelphia Museum of Art Graduate Symposium.  Keynote speaker:  Nicola M. Courtright, Amherst College

28 William Schmenner, Ph.D. Candidate, “How to Hit the Ground:  Motion and Measurement in Moving Pictures before the Great Crash”


4 Maria Loh, University College London, “Che, Borges, and Carracci:  The Dead Man, the Blind Man, and the Ghost in the Portrait”

11 Manet’s Postmodernist Reputation (Sachs Conference), Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania.  Keynote speaker:  Kaja Silverman

18 Emily Warner, Ph.D. Candidate, “Painting the Abstract Environment:  The Abstract Mural in New York, 1935-1960”

18-19 Event for Michael Meister

25 Charlotte Ickes, Ph.D. Candidate, “Radical Spectacle”