The Department offers a wide array of courses, ranging from broad introductory surveys to in-depth seminars. Introductory surveys allow students to explore masterworks while gaining an overview of artistic production. These include surveys of Western Art (I. Prehistoric to Renaissance, and II. Renaissance to Contemporary), East Asian Art, South Asian Art, Architecture, and Cinema. Other introductory lecture courses focus on one period, movement, medium, or culture (e.g., Byzantine, Impressionism, Roman architecture, Hollywood cinema), offering depth and context. With still greater focus, seminars are terrific opportunities for students to investigate individual works or periods in greater depth and to work closely with faculty on research and curatorial projects. Recent seminars have included "Caravaggio," "Afro-Brazilian Art," and "Modernity in East Asia." Lecture and seminar courses are open to all students, although some previous art history coursework is useful when taking seminars.