Recent Masters Papers

May 2013

S. Hagan, "Rubens's Nova Roma:  Recovering Heroes from an Antique Past" (Advisor:  L. Silver)

M. Isgro, "INTERIOR EXPOSURES:  Women and the Practice of Home Portraiture, 1885-1920" (Advisor, M. Leja)

A. Murphy, "Manuel Panselinos and the Quest for Artistic Personality in Buzantium" (Advisor, R. Ousterhout)


August 2012

H. Hughes, "Istanbul a La Mode:  Osman Hamdi Bey and the Modern Ottoman Woman" (Advisor:  R. Holod)

E. Neumeier, "An Anatolian Mont Sainte-Victoire:  French Painting and Turkish Modernism" (Advisor:  A. Dombrowski)

E. Warner, "Action Painting as Art Criticism:  Rereading Harold Rosenberg On Art" (Advisor:  M. Leja)


May 2012

R. DeArmas, "Warrior Saints Defending Constantinople" (Advisor:  R. Ousterhout)


August 2011

S. D'Addio, "Cruel Intentions? Charles V's Encounter with the Concistoro Frescoes of Domenico Beccafumi" (Advisor:  M. Cole)


May 2011

C. Ickes, "Imagining Pocahontas:  Lessons on Legible Time and timelessness in British Portraiture" (Advisor:  G. Shaw)

J. Kenmotsu, "Sites and Sights of Pleasure in the Eastern Capital:  Poetry, Place, and Patronage in Suzuki Harunobu’s Zashiki hakkei and Fūryū zashiki hakkei" (Advisor:  J. Davis)

E. Newman, "Noise Annoys:  The Unknown Masterpiece and the Fate of the Artist" (Advisor:  K. Silverman)


August 2010

F. Marzullo, "Between Hymen and Diana:  Allusion and Eccentricity in Charles Willson Peale’s  Mary White Morris" (Advisor:  M. Leja)

A. Venator, "A Woman Who Needs No Introduction:  Yoko Ono" (Advisor:  C. Poggi)


May 2010

L. Baradel, "Defending The Cabin: American Identity in D.W. Griffith’s Early Westerns" (Advisor:  K. Beckman)

R. Erickson, "Animal-Borne Imaging:  Embodied Point-of-View and the Ethics of Identification" (Advisor:  K. Beckman)

C. Robbins, "The Critical Reception of the Work of Frank Kune, 1950-1954: The Black and White Abstractions and the Calligraphy Metaphor" (Advisor:  M. Leja)