ARTH750 - Topics in Renaissance Art: The Stuff of Art: Renaissance Materiality

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Section 301 - SEM
One of the most compelling developments in the field of art history has been the turn towards materiality. Drawing upon such diverse fields as material culture, anthropology, and the history of science and technology, materiality as an approach questions not only how certain substances—be they wood, metal, or glass—constitute the physical makeup of art works. Pushing beyond the distinction between mind and matter (which often manifests itself as mind over matter), materiality interrogates how the process, appearance and metaphorical associations of physical substances bear upon artistic selfhood, the constitution of viewership and the historically-contingent and ever-evolving meaning of art works. In short, materiality calls attention to the semantic potential conveyed by the stuff of art works, privileging it as much as those artists celebrated as geniuses who transcend the lowly sphere of the physical world. This course explores the use and representation of materials as well as the theories of those materials in the art and art theory of the early modern period. Issues to be discussed include the disavowal of material, material and the role of the senses, and material’s capacity to evoke location, either proximate or distant.
M 0200PM-0400PM