Graduate Students

First Year (entered Fall 2014)

Evan Allen, MA program

BFA, The Savannah College of Art and Design
Interests: Greek and Roman Architecture, Roman Numismatics, Modern Archtectural Theory

Haeyoon Chang, MA program

BA, Hongik University, Korea
Interests: Modern and Contemporary Art

Lee Ann Custer, PhD program

BA, Harvard University
Interests: Modern Architecture

Kirsten Gill, MA program

Kendra Grimmett, PhD program

Kimbery Hobbs, PhD program

BA, University of Virginia
Interests: Northern European Early Modern Art

Serena Qiu, PhD program

BA, Duke University
Interests: 19th Century, Museum and Exhibition History

Hilary R. Whitham, PhD program

BA, Fordham University
Interests: Modernism, History of Photography, Arts of Africa, Issues of Race and Representation

Jill Vaum, PhD program

BA, Vanderbilt University
MA, University of Pennsylvania
Interests: American and African-American Art

Second Year (entered Fall 2013)

Juliana Barton, PhD program

Interests: 20th century/Architecture

Alisa Chiles, PhD program

BA in Art History, Stanford University
MA in Art History, Institute of Fine Arts, NYU
Interests: Modern architecture and decorative arts

Jeanne Dreskin, PhD program

BA, Haverford College
Interests: Modern/Contemporary Art; History of Photography   Miriam A. Stanton, PhD programBA, Grinnell College
MA in History of Art, Williams College
Interests: Modern/Contemporary

Rachel Wise, PhD program

BA, Brigham Young University
MA, Brigham Young University
Interest: Northern European Early Modern

Third Year (entered Fall 2012)

Megan Boomer, PhD program

BA, Brown University
Interests: Medieval

Roksana Filipowska, PhD program

MA, SUNY-Buffalo
BA, Fordham University
Interests: Modern and Contemporary Art

Mashinka Firunts, PhD program

MA, Columbia University
Interests: Modern and Contemprary Art; New MediaEmail:

Lindsay Grant, PhD program

Ed. M., Harvard University
Interests: 19-20th c. 

Patricia E. Kim, PhD program

Berkeley, BA (2012)
Interests: Greek and Roman art and archaeology; Hellenistic period visual culture in Egypt, Central Asia, and the Near East; 19th-20th century photography Email:

Breton Langendorfer, PhD program

MA, Texas
Interests: Ancient Near East

Ongoing Dissertations:

Anastasia Amrhein-Chaplygina, PhD program

BA in Art History, Montclair State University
MA in Humanities, University of Chicago
Interests: Neo-Assyrian Empire and broader ancient Near East
Dissertation title: "Multi-Media Image-Making in Assyria: Visualizations of the Numinous in Political Context"

Iggy Cortez, PhD program

MA, Courtauld
Interests: Contemporary 

Larisa A. Grollemond, PhD program

BA, New York University
MA, City of University of New York, Hunter College
Interests: late medieval French and Netherlandish manuscript illumination, early printed books, and painting, visual culture of the courts, female patronage
Dissertation title: "Image and Power: The Artistic Patronage of French Noblewomen and the Status of the Illuminated Manuscript in the Fifteenth Century"

Stephanie Hagan, PhD program

BA in Classical Civilizations, Yale University
MA in Art History, University of Pennsylvania
Intersts: Roman imperial art and the arts of late antiquity
"Nysiac Devotions: Woman-and-Child Figurines from Byzantine Burials at Beth Shean." In Actes du Colloque de Lille Figurines en context Lille déc 2011 + Actes de la réunion Silent Participants Philadelphia janvier 2012, edited by Arthur Muller. (forthcoming)
"Time, Memory, and Mosaics at the Monastery of Lady Mary." In Expedition: The Magazine of the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. 55, no. 1 (2013): 37-42.
Dissertation title: "From Consular Accession to Cosmic Triumph: Reassessing the Basilica of Junius Bassus"

Quintana Heathman, PhD program

MA, Boston University
BA, Boston University
Interests: Japanese art and visual culture of the Edo period; woodblock prints and illustrated books of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries; the development of Edo landscapes and cityscapes; print publishing practices and networks
Dissertation title: "Edo for Sale: Consumer Culture and Edo Landscape Prints, 1730-1789"

Heather Hughes, PhD program

BA, Dartmouth College
MA, University of Pennsylvania

Interests: Early Modern Europe, particularly France, England, and the Low Countries; print culture and society; art in the age of global exploration; costume and textiles

Publications:“‘Masqued’ Identity at the Stuart Court: Isaac Oliver’s Portrait of Anne of Denmark in Masque Costume.” In Fashioning Opera and Musical Theatre: Stage Costumes in Europe from the Late Renaissance to 1900, edited by Valeria De Lucca. Venice: Fondazione Giorgio Cini/Leo S. Olschki, forthcoming.

“From Istanbul to Philadelphia: The Journey of At the Mosque Door,” with Emily Neumeier. In Osman Hamdi Bey and the Americans: Archaeology, Diplomacy, Art, edited by Renata Holod and Robert Ousterhout, 102-117. Istanbul: Pera Müzesi, 2011

Dissertation: "Customs and Costumes: Delineating Identity in the Early Modern Costume Print, c. 1600-1670"

Charlotte Ickes, PhD programBA in History, Yale University
MA in History of Art, University of Pennsylvania
Interests: Contemporary Art, specifically time-based art, film, art of the African Diaspora, blaxploitation
Dissertation title: "Black Radical Spectacle in the Work of Melvin Van Peebles, Isaac Julien, and Steve McQueen."Recent Publications:

"Sonic Stitches: Isaac Julien, his Mother, and her "Creolized" Sound," Women and Performance (forthcoming)

"The Sartorial and the Skin: Portraits of Pocahontas and Allegories of English Empire," American Art (forthcoming) 

Marina Isgro, PhD program

BA, Princeton University
Interests: Modern

Alexander Kauffman, PhD program

BA in Art History, New York University
Interests: Modern and contemporary art; Museum studies

Jeannie Kenmotsu, PhD program

BA in English, Pomona College
MA in History of Art, University of Pennsylvania
Interests: visual and material cultures of East Asia, especially early modern Japan; prints and illustrated books; color; material texts; scientific illustration
Dissertation title: “The Color Revolution: Printed Books in Eighteenth-Century Japan”

Elizabeth Lastra, PhD program

BA in Art History, UNC-Chapel Hill
Dissertation title: "The Making of a Camino Town: Architecture and Monumental Sculpture in Carrión de los Condes, 1050-1200"

Emily Neumeier, PhD program

BA, Boston College
MA, University of Pennsylvania

 Interests: Art and architecture of the Islamic World, particularly the Ottoman Empire and Turkey; urbanism and architectural patronage; calligraphic arts; modern painting in a global context
Dissertation: A“Theater of Fortune and Triumph”: Ali Pasha of Ioannina and the Architectural Transformation of an Ottoman Province (1788-1822)
Recent Publications: “Building Preveza Anew: A French Engineer’s Account of Constructing Ottoman Fortifications on the Ionian Sea.” In Ports and Forts of the Muslim World: Coastal Military Architecture, from the Arab Conquest to the Ottoman Period, eds. Stéphane Pradines, Ahmad al-Shoky. Cairo: Institut Français d’Archéologie Orientale, forthcoming.
"From Istanbul to Philadelphia: The Journey of At the Mosque Door," with Heather Hughes. In Osman Hamdi Bey and the Americans: Archaeology Diplomacy, Art, edited by Renata Holod and Robert Ousterhout. Istanbul: Pera Museum, 2011, pp. 102-117.

Kirk Nickel, PhD program

MA, University of Texas at Austin
BA, Southern Methodisty University
Interests: European Renaissance Art
"Between Composition and Dissolution: Moretto and the Painting of Sacred Flesh in Renaissance Brescia"

Ekin Pinar, PhD program

MA in History of Art, Middle East Technical University (2006)
BA in Architecture, Middle East Technical University (2003)
Interests: History of modern and contemporary art, cinema studies
Publications: "The Futurist Myth of Accelerated Subjectivity: Speed in Umberto Boccioni's Works" in Mobility and Fantasy in Visual Culture, ed. Lewis Johnson, London: Routledge, 2013.
Dissertation title: "Canyon Collective Artists: Micropolitics in West Coast Experimental Film, 1960-79"

Brooks Rich, PhD program

MA, Williams College
BA, Bowdoin College
Interests: Early modern printmaking
Dissertation working title: "The Engravings of Allaert Claesz"

Miranda Routh, PhD program

MA, Williams
Interests: Architecture
Dissertation title: "The Idea of the Renaissance in British Architecture, 1750-1890"

Jamie Sanecki, PhD program

MA, Williams
Interests: Medieval
Dissertation title: "Art and the Commune: Sculpture and Architecture in Lucca, 1100-1250"

Will Schmenner, PhD program

BA, Chicago
Interests: Cinema
Dissertation title: "How to Hit the Ground:  Motion and Measurement in Moving Pictures"

Geoffrey Shamos, PhD program

BA in Literature, Yale University
Interests: Nortern Renaissance Art
"Sculptures in Print: The Artistic and Rhetorical Value of Personification in Sixteenth-Century Netherlandish Engraving" (working title). In Personification: Embodying Meaning and Emotion, edited by B.A.M. Ramakers and Walter S. Melion. Turnhout: Brill, 2015.
"Astrology as a Social Framework: The Children of the Planets, 1400-1600." In The Imagined Sky: Cultural Perspectives, edited by Darrelyn Gunzburg. Sheffield: Equinox, 2014.
Dissertation Title: "Bodies of Knowledge:  Personification in Netherlandish Engraving, 1548-1600"

Juliet Sperling, PhD program

BA in Art History and American Studies, UNC-Chapel Hill
Interests: Nineteenth century American art, mass visual culture; history of the moving image
Dissertation Title: Animating Flatness: Seeing Moving Images in American Painting and Mass Visual Culture, 1820–1895

Laura Tillery, PhD program

BA in Art History, McGill University
MA in Art History, Tufts
Interests: History of art in late-medieval and early modern Germany; Civic arts and patronage; Cultural exchange in medieval Baltic; Urban visual culture; History of art history
Email: tillery@sas.upenn.eduDissertation Title: "The Hanse as Artistic Network: Late-Medieval Media, Mobility, and Mercantile Identity in Hanseatic Lübeck, c. 1450-1550"

Theodore Van Loan, PhD program

BA, Cornell University
Dissertation Title: "Seeing the Umayyads Seeing: Charting Early Islamic Attitudes Toward Visual Perception"

Emily S. Warner, PhD program

BA, University of Chicago
Interests: Modern and contemporary art; American visual culture from the New Deal to the Cold War
Dissertation title: "Shaping the Abstract Environment: The Abstract Mural in New York, 1935-1960"