Lothar Haselberger, Emeritus Professor

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Morris Russell & Josephine Chidsey Williams Professor of Roman Architecture
312 Jaffe Building
215/ 898-2197

Lothar Haselberger is Morris Russell Williams and Josephine Chidsey Williams Professor in Roman Architecture. Trained as an architectural historian, architect, and city planner at the Technical University of Munich and at Harvard University, Haselberger primarily works on the theory and practice of Graeco-Roman architecture and urbanism, especially the ancient construction plans he discovered at the Temple of Apollo at Didyma, Turkey, Recently his research has turned to the Augustan city of Rome, Augustan temple design, the Pantheon, as well as the architectural refinements of the Parthenon. He currently directs the collaborative project “Mapping Augustan Alexandria,” which will yield the ancient city’s first detailed and commented period map.

Professor Haselberger was Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, at the American Academy in Berlin, and received the University of Pennsylvania's Ira Abrams Memorial Award for Distinguished Teaching.  He is Corresponding Member of the German Archaeological Institute and serves in the external review boards of its Jahrbuch and Römische Mitteilungen.