Moving materials from a Blackboard course site into Canvas

As of 5:00pm on May 30, 2014, you will no longer be able to log in to
Blackboard.   However, it is not necessary to migrate all your course
materials from Blackboard to Canvas before 5/30/14.  The contents of all
Blackboard sites are being archived and can be imported from the
archives into Canvas at any time in the future.

Support staff are available to move your materials from Blackboard and help you setup your Canvas sites to take advantage of its most useful features.

Most of your teaching materials can easily be imported into Canvas from the Blackboard archives.  This typically includes

  • Readings, Powerpoints, and other course documents
  • Links to external web sites, YouTube, etc.
  • Assignments, quizzes and question banks
  • Embedded audio or videos from the server

Some materials can not be imported directly into Canvas, but can be retrieved in the future from archive files by support staff upon request.  These include

  • Gradebook data
  • Student submitted assignments (e.g. papers they uploaded)
  • Announcements

Other materials will not be accessible from the Blackboard archives.  Instructors who wish to retain these items should download them before 6/30/14.  These include

  • Student responses to individual quiz questions
  • Posts to discussion forums
  • Wimba Voiceboards

Please contact with questions about making the switch from Blackboard to Canvas.