Special Steps for Notfylink Users During and After Meeting Upgrade - Windows Mobile Devices

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The SAS Calendaring team plans to begin upgrading the SAS Meeting Maker servers to version 8.8 on Thursday, October 15, 2009. We plan to take the current servers offline on Thursday 10/15/09 at 7:00 PM and have the new servers fully operational by 12:00 noon on Friday 10/16/09.

Please review the information about the upgrade and the new version below.

While it will be possible to work in "offline" mode using the Windows or Mac client while the servers are offline for the upgrade, any changes made during that time period will be lost when the servers are again available. During the upgrade, offline mode should only be used to view your calendar, not make changes to it.

If you sync your Meeting Maker data with a mobile device, in order to avoid potential problems including data loss or duplication, you will have to disable syncing while the servers are offline and take special steps prior to re-enabling syncing after the upgrade is complete. See the information below regarding syncing and please schedule a time with your LSP after the upgrade to address this.

Installation/Upgrade Instructions

Installation of Meeting Maker 8.8, or upgrading to it from a previous version, has not significantly changed. Links to step by step instructions are provided below.

Installation of, or upgrading to, the new version of Meeting Maker requires administrative access to your computer. If your SAS Computing Local Support Provider typically installs software for you, please contact them for assistance with getting the new version installed following the upgrade.

Web-based Access to Meeting Maker

As is the case now, following the upgrade, access to Meeting Maker via the web will be possible by browsing to:


Use of web-based access can be helpful following the server upgrade until your Windows or Mac client has been upgraded.


Syncing with Palm or Other Mobile Devices

If you sync your Palm OS device with Meeting Maker using the Palm conduits with a wired/cradle-based sync, you will need to take special steps when upgrading to the new version to avoid potential problems. Please see the recommended steps below and contact your SAS Computing Local Support Provider for assistance.


If you sync a mobile device with Meeting Maker using the SAS Computing websync service with NotifyLink, you will not need to install new software on your mobile device to continue syncing after the upgrade is complete. However, you should not make changes to the data stored on the mobile device that you sync with Meeting Maker while the servers are offline. When the servers are again available, you should first conduct an "over the air" (OTA) load of that data, which will overwrite the data stored on the device with data from the new server before resuming normal sync operations. Please check with your LSP for assistance.


SAS Faculty and staff who have a mobile device they would like to sync with Meeting Maker should contact their SAS Computing Local Support Provider for assistance in determining if this service is appropriate for them.


Upgrading Palm OS Sync Conduits Following the Server Upgrade

To avoid potential problems, such as data duplication or loss, please be sure to have your LSP assist you with this process.

After the new version of Meeting Maker and the sync software ("conduits") have been installed, we recommend that the following procedure be followed:

  • Back up all data on the device using the Palm Desktop software
  • Perform a hard reset on the device - which will remove all data
  • Sync the device to Palm Desktop, for non-Meeting Maker (Calendar, Tasks) data only
  • Perform the first sync to Meeting Maker using the "desktop ovewrites handheld" setting
  • Use "synchronize the files" for future sync operations


Confirm Your Meeting Maker Password Prior to the Upgrade

Please be sure you know your Meeting Maker password prior to the upgrade taking place. If you save your Meeting Maker password, rather than entering it when you login, you may not be able to login after the upgrade if you are unsure what your password is. Please confirm your pasword prior to the upgrade to avoid problems following the upgrade. Access can be tested using the link for web-based access to Meeting Maker above.

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Further Questions

If you have any questions, please contact your Local Support Provider (LSP).