Database Applications

IRAD has created the following applications to enable clients without a technical background to easily create web surveys and forms:

Survey Builder

The SAS Survey website lets survey administrators create and deploy their own surveys and also provides access to survey results. New surveys can be created from scratch or copied from an existing survey. Several authentication options are available using a survey password, Pennkey, or Pennkey with authorization. In addition, the survey system contains features such as various answer formats, an anonymity option, survey previewing, start time/stop time, survey monitoring, and raw data download and manipulation.


Web Form Handler

The Web Form Handler is a generic database backend for your html web forms. After building your web form in your favorite HTML editor, use the Web Form Handler to process the form data and store it in a database with minimal configuration. The interface lets you specify the fields on your form, set your notification options, grant access to your data and more. The download feature lets you import your web form data into Excel or Access. Download all records, or only those since your previous download. Please contact for more information about the above.

Applications by target audience include the following:

For Faculty

For Students

For Department Chairs
For Program Administrators
For Business Administrators
  • Designated Funds
  • Commitments
  • Graduate Student Funding
  • Payroll Audit
  • LPS Instructor