How to obtain an email account on the central SAS email server,

  • Faculty & Staff

Here's how to obtain an email account on the central SAS email server (

The Regular Procedure

  1. First obtain a PennCard and a temporary PennKey Setup Code. See here for information on how and where. (If you already have a PennCard but don't have a Setup Code or have forgotten your Setup Code, see here for details on obtaining one.)
  2. Register your PennKey and PennKey password. See here for details.
  3. Point your browser here to create your email account.
  4. When you have finished all the steps for creating a new email account, the system will indicate that it will create the account in twenty minutes. Please wait at least twenty minutes before trying to use the account. See here for information on how to use the account.
  5. If you receive any error messages while trying to create your account, please fill out the form here, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


If you are incoming standing faculty and require an account before coming to campus

Please fill out the form below, and click on submit. We will contact you to obtain the additional information we will need in order to start the process of helping you obtain an email account before coming to campus.