Google@SAS Configuration for Apple Mail

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Recently Google had made a change to their security settings that had disabled access to apps that are using less secure ways of authentication.  Less secure apps would be apps only authenticating using your username and password as opposed to Google more modern methods.  Setting up your Google@SAS account as IMAP in Apple Mail falls into this category as the only current option for authentication available from Google at this time is to set this with your normal password authentication.  To enable access for these apps so that you can now configure your account you can go to, in your Google@SAS account:

and select Turn On.

1. The first time you run Apple Mail, this dialog will automatically open. If this is not the first time you have run Apple Mail, you can get to the dialog by going to Preferences>Accounts>Click the + button to add an account. Select Add Other Mail Account. Click Continue.

[choose a mail account to add]

2. Enter your name as you would like it to appear when sending messages and your full SAS email address and password. Click Create. You will be prompted to manually configure the account.

[Add a mail account]

3. For the Incoming Mail Server Info, select IMAP.  For the Mail Server, enter  Enter your full SAS email address as the username and your Google@SAS password. Click Next.

[Incoming mail server info]

4. For the Outgoing Mail Server Info, enter Enter your full SAS email address as the username and your Google@SAS password.  Click Create.

[Outgoing mail server info]

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