CCAT Retirement Timeline

The CCAT server will be retired according to the timeline below. If you use the CCAT server, we recommend looking over the timeline so that you know what to expect with regard to mail services and web sites hosted on CCAT.

Before June 16, 2009:

  • Review the CCAT retirement page to manage your email transition (e.g. setting up a forwarder if you are no longer eligible for a SAS account)
  • CCAT users that are eligible for email accounts on the facstaff server will receive assistance with migrating their data (mail and personal web sites) to facstaff

On June 16, 2009:

  • All shell access to CCAT will be disabled (this includes the ability to update web pages hosted on CCAT and using command-line readers [e.g. Elm] to read mail)
  • All CCAT accounts will be closed and archives will be provided (select your affiliation from the CCAT retirement page for more info)
  • All mail sent to your CCAT address will delivered to your forwarding destination (facstaff, if eligible or an external account of your choosing)
  • If you are eligible for a facstaff account and had a web page on CCAT, please see our instructions for accessing your web files

On June 29, 2009:

  • All departmental (non-personal web pages) will be moved to web-facstaff 

After June 29, 2009: