SAS Email Registration Errors

Eligibility Errors

SAS email account eligibility information filters down to our systems from the official records of the registrar, LPS, GAS, and departmental business offices. If you are receiving an eligibility error, it is possible that there is a problem, but it is more likely that your information simply hasn't made it to us yet.

If you are a student, you can check that you are in the system correctly by calling the Penn Registrar Student Status verification line at 215-898-1561. If those records are correct, you can either wait a few days and see if the problem resolves itself, or you can contact the appropriate group below for more information.

Faculty and Staff

Contact your department's Business Administrator.

SAS Graduate Students

Contact the Graduate Division at

College Undergraduates

Contact the College at 215-898-6341.

LPS Students

Contact LPS (formerly CGS).


"You already have an account" Errors

If you used to have an SAS Email account, your username has been locked to prevent duplication of past addresses. If you are once again SAS eligible, you can create your account once we have unlocked the username. Please fill out the form here.


If all else fails

If you have already checked with the appropriate office in the table above, and your records appear to be correct but you are still getting errors when you try to create your SAS Email account, please fill out the Registration Error Form and someone will contact you to troubleshoot further. Please be sure to provide a working email address, and your PennKey username.