Configuring Mozilla Thunderbird for Access to the Mail Server

These directions are for Mac OSX and Windows XP clients.

Steps to take before proceeding:

  • You must create a new profile if you are using an existing email client. Editing an existing account profile may cause problems and is not recommended.
  • Need to download Thunderbird?  Click here.

Adding your account:

  1. Open Thunderbird. If the Account Wizard - New Account Setup window automatically pops open, click Cancel.
  2. If prompted with: Are you sure you want to exit the Account wizard? Press the Enter/Return key.
  3. Click on Tools, select Account Settings, and click on Add Account.
  4. Make sure Email account is selected and press the Enter/Return key.
  5. Type in your first name and last name in the Your Name field.
  6. Type in your email address in the form of in the Email Address field and press the Enter/Return key.
  7. Select IMAP.
  8. For the incoming server, enter: Click Next and ensure that your Incoming User Name is correct.
  9. Fill in the Account Name field with whatever you would like to name your account, or leave it as and click Next.
  10. Ensure that your information is entered correctly and click Finish.
  11. If you are prompted to enter your password to access your email account, click Cancel.

Configuring your account:

  1. Click on Tools and select Account Settings.
  2. Select Server Settings in the left pane under your account (where username is your PennKey username.)
  3. Click in the box next to Use secure connection (SSL). (The port number listed next to the incoming server name will change to 993.)
  4. Do not check the box next to: Use Secure Authentication.
  5. Click on the Advanced tab.
  6. Type in INBOX for the IMAP server directory.
  7. Uncheck the box next to: Use IDLE command if the server supports it.
  8. Click OK.
  9. Click on Outgoing Server (SMTP) near the bottom of the list of settings in the left pane and then click the Add... button.
  10. Make sure is entered in the Server Name field.
  11. Turn SMTP authentication on. Make sure the box next to Use name and password is checked.
  12. Make sure your username is entered in the User Name field.
  13. Under Use secure connection (SSL): select TLS.
  14. Click OK.

Testing your account configuration:

  1. Make sure you can successfully receive and send email by sending yourself a test message and then checking for new mail.
  2. If you have problems, please contact your local computing support provider (LSP).
    1. Please see here to find out who that is.

To set up Mozilla Thunderbird to use the Penn Directory, please see this page.