Moving Mail From Facstaff to GMail When You Leave Penn

When preparing to leave Penn, Faculty, and staff (with supervisory approval), may wish to move email off of the email server to a personal account. The instructions below outline the process for moving mail from facstaff to GMail.


1. You may wish to first set a forwarder from your facstaff address to your GMail account. This will prevent more mail from accumulating in your facstaff account. You can set the forwarder here:


2. Configure Thunderbird to access your facstaff account.


3. To add your GMail account to Thunderbird, go to the Tools menu and select Account Settings. In the lower-left corner of the account settings dialog, click the Account Actions dropbox and select Add Account.


4. Type your full name, your GMail address, and your GMail password. Click Continue.

5. Click Create Account.


6. Now that both your facstaff and GMail accounts are added to Thunderbird, you can drag each folder from your facstaff account to your GMail account. Note: because GMail throttles connections to their servers, the message copying can take a while.