DRAFT - Setting Up iOS Device Using SAS Profile - DRAFT



How to Use These Instructions:

Open this page on the iOS device you would like to add your FacStaff account to as well as having a copy in front of you to look at while following the below steps. The configuration profile takes up the whol screen of the device so looking at these instructions on the iOS screen while doing the below steps won't be possible.


Having a FacStaff Email Account

1.       Click link below to get the Configuration Profile File:



When opening on the i-device follow the steps below.





2.       Touch Install

3.       Confirm Installing Profile


4.       If you have previously setup a Passcode on your device enter your passcode now.


5.       You will be asked to enter your Full Name:


Firstname Lastname


Touch NEXT


6.       You will be asked to enter your email address, enter 



Touch NEXT


7.       You are now asked to enter your Incoming Mail Server Username, enter:




Touch NEXT


8.       You are now asked to enter your Email Password.



Touch NEXT


9.       You will be asked to enter your Outgoing Mail Server Username:




Touch NEXT


10.   Your FacStaff profile is now installed.


Touch DONE


Then follow the steps below.


11.   Find your settings Icon and Touch it.


12.   Scroll down to Mail, Contacts, Calendars.


13.   Touch the SAS FacStaff Email account.


14.   We will now set the proper folders:


Touch  Account



15.   Scroll Down and touch ADVANCED


16.   We will now change the how the account stores messages for Drafts, Sent, Mailbox.


Touch Drafts Mailbox: See Below


Touch Sent Mailbox: See Below


Touch Deleted Mailbox: See Below


17.   Do the following for each Mailbox


Scroll down in the section labeled



And find the corresponding Label:


Drafts Mailbox = Drafts

Sent Mailbox = Sent

Trash Mailbox = Trash


After setting each mailbox:

Press ADVANCED in the top Left

Repeat Steps until all 3 are done.



18.   Touch on ACCOUNT.


19.   Touch DONE


Your FacStaff Account is now installed on your device.

Confirm that you are able to send and receive messages by sending a test message to yourself.

If you have any trouble, please contact your LSP for assistance.