SAS Faculty/Staff Migration Cluster Instructions for LSPs

Please follow the following steps, in order.

  1. Use the check list to try and determine if the user can be migrated and for important information on migration restrictions.
  2. Use the "login" link that is available on this web page to select a migration time.

    The program you will be accessing runs checks to determine if the user can be migrated and if he or she can be migrated at the time you select. These checks can take several minutes to run. Please note that you must be done with the migration time selection at least 10 minutes before the desired migration time.


    You can later on reschedule or unschedule a migration using the same program. This must also occur at least 10 minutes before the scheduled migration time and the new migration time (if any).


  3. Inform the user that they must approve the migration time and select a password for their account on the new server using the web page here

    The user must do so at least 5 minutes before the migration time. If he or she does not, the migration will not take place.

    Users can unschedule their migration or change their password up to 5 minutes before the migration time (past this time, they will not be able to unschedule or change their password). If they unschedule their migration, they will need to contact you so you can reschedule their migration. They will then need to approve the new migration time and reselect a password.


    At migration time, users must NOT be logged in on using ssh. The migration will NOT take place if they are. Also, they should not be accessing their email using webmail or a desktop mail program such as Eudora, Outlook, Netscape, or Thurderbird.


  4. Check on the migration status

    You will receive notifications by email. You can also check on the status of the migration using the same program you use to schedule a migration. This is available using the "login" link on this web page