Moving from Mail.SAS to

Questions & answers about moving your email account from to

  1. Why is my email account changing?
    SAS Computing is in the final phases of shutting down the old system.  All faculty and staff email accounts are being moved to the system, which provides superior performance.  See additional information about the differences between the two systems
  2. Will my email address or password change?
    No.  Your email address and password will not change.
  3. When will the change happen?
    Almost all SAS faculty & staff email accounts have already been moved.  The remaining users will receive email notifications indicating the date on which their accounts will be moved.  All account migrations must be completed in Fall 2010.
  4. What if the time scheduled for my migration isn't convenient for me?
    You need to contact the local support provider (LSP) for your departmen at least 4 days before the migration.  They can reschedule your migration to a more convenient time for you. Find the LSP for your department
  5. What do I need to do?
    That depends on how you access your email. See below for additional information.
  6. I forward my SAS email to another account.  What will happen?
    Most users who forward their mail won't need to do anything. Your forwarding configuration will remain unchanged after the move.  Messages sent to your SAS address will continue to be delivered to your designated forwarding address. 
  7. I use webmail to check my SAS email.  Will that change?
    After your account is moved you can start using the new webmail interface at through a standard web browser.  If you continue to use the old webmail interface at, be sure to select from the list of servers. See additional information about using webmail
  8. I use a mail program, such as Outlook, Thunderbird or Apple Mail.  How do I configure them to work with the new system?
    You'll need to configure your mail program to use the server.  See details about how to configure popular email programs.
  9. I use Mutt or Pine to read my email.  Will that work on the new system?
    You can use a terminal emulator like SecureCRT to gain shell access for reading your account email with Mutt or Pine.  See additional information about configuring shell access to
  10. What happens to all my old mail messages?
    All of your old mail messages will be automatically moved from your account on to your new account on   Subfolders will remain intact.
  11. How do I configure my account (set forwarding, vacation messages, change password)?
    Visit to set a vacation message, enable shell access, or configure forwarding to an external account.
  12. I had a personal web page on my account.  What will happen to that?
    Your personal web page will be automatically moved to the fascstaff server.  The URL will remain the same.  To edit your page, log into (hostname) using the SSH2 protocol and your username and password.
  13. I have files other than mail folders and/or files for my personal web site.  What will happen to them?   These files can be obtained from a zip archive of your account, which will be available after the migration from the web page (replace "your_pennkey" by your actual PennKey in this URL).  You can also download the files to your desktop computer before the migration.  If you need help with accessing your account archive or downloading files, please contact the local support provider (LSP) for your former department or program. Find the LSP for your department

  14. I'm no longer affiliated with SAS and don't need an SAS email account.  Can I just close the account?
    Yes.  Please contact the local support provider (LSP) for your former department or program.  Find the LSP for your department, or just send mail to, and we'll close the account for you.
  15. How can I get help making the change?
    Faculty, staff and emeritus faculty should check with the local support provider (LSP) for their department or program.  Find the LSP for your department