Shell Access to Facstaff.SAS for Reading Mail or Hosting Web Pages

You can use a terminal emulator like SecureCRT to gain shell access for reading your account email and for editing personal webpages. To do so, you must first obtain a shell account at the Facstaff.SAS Account Config page.

Visit the Facstaff.SAS Account Config page. Look in the navigation menu on the left. If you do not yet have a shell account, you'll see a link for creating one. Follow the instructions.

Once you have a shell account, use your SSH2-capable terminal program to log into web‑ (hostname) using the SSH2 protocol and your username and password. From there you can access your SAS website and use mutt to read your email.  You'll need to use one of the currently supported Terminal Emulation programs available from Information System and Computing's (ISC) Download Site and the PennConnect CD such as the current versions of Secure CRT or HostExplorer for Windows, or dataComet Secure for the Mac OS.

With shell access, you can upload web pages or other documents through an SFTP client such as Fetch (Mac) or WS_FTP (Windows).  Both are available for free from  You can also use the SFTP upload feature in web editing software such as Dreamweaver, Contribute or iWeb.  Use these settings:


  • Host: web‑
  • Port:  22
  • Protocol: SFTP
  • Log in with your facstaff username and password


If you need any assistance with this, please contact your LSP.