Footprints Account Request Form

This form is intended for faculty and staff of School of Arts & Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania to request accounts in one or more of the Footprints projects used by a number of departments for task tracking and communication. Please be sure to fill in all of the fields below. If we find that necessary information has been omitted, we may have to ask that you resubmit your request.

  1. Full Name:

  2. Full Email Address (required):
    Please use your UPenn email address.

  3. PennKey Username (required):

  4. PennCard ID Number (required): (the middle eight numbers)

  5. Status:
    standing faculty non-standing faculty
    permanent staff temporary staff
    graduate student other students*
    * if other, please specify:

  6. Department:

  7. Daytime Phone Number:

  8. Projects to which access is needed (check all that apply)
    Biology Facilities
    SAS Computing
    SAS Computing Inventory
    SAS Computing Licensing
    SAS Computing MultiMedia Services

  9. Please provide additional information regarding what Team(s) you need to be a member of in each of the above projects (your supervisor can help you with this).

  10. For all accounts other than standing faculty, supervisory approval is required for account requests. Please provide name and email address of who we should contact to obtain it.

  11. Please provide name and email address of your SAS Computing Local Support Provider so that we may keep them informed of the status of your request.

  12. Please provide any additional comments you wish regarding your request.
A few minutes after you submit this form, you should receive an automatic response from the SAS Computing request tracking system at the email address you provided above.