Mac Tunnel Connection

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These directions explain how to use to create a secure connection from your off-campus Macintosh computer to the SAS file server, so that you can then directly access your files and folders on the server.


1.  Open Safari (please note that only Safari will work for this step).

2.  Go to

3.  Safari will first open a page that says "Loading Components...".  Just wait as it will automatically move to the next page.


4.  It will take you to a login page.  Enter your Active Directory username and password and click Sign In.


5.  You will be taken to a page with a Start button - click it to proceed.


6.  A network connection program will launch, and you should see your active connection to  You have now successfully "tunneled" into the SAS network and will be able to access your network shares.  Feel free to quit Safari, as it is no longer needed.


If you plan on using this "tunnel connection" regularly, the following steps are recommended:

1.  In Network Connect click the Sign Out button, and then click Sign Out again at the prompt. 

Then go to Network Connect -> Quit Network Connect. 

Now go to the Finder and choose Go -> Applications.


2.  In Applications look down the list for Network Connect and click it once. 

Then go to the Finder and choose File -> Make Alias.

You'll see the new alias called "Network Connect alias" show up in that folder.  Click it once to accept the given name.

Then click and drag the alias to your desktop.  It will look like this:


3.  Now double-click the alias on your desktop.  It will pop up a window with a text box that says "Sign in at:  ".  Type in "" and hit the Return key to continue.


4.  You'll see it go through a few different pages.  Just wait for the login window to show, enter your Active Directory username and password, and click Sign In.


Now you can connect to the network server.  Once all your shortcuts are created, the process for accessing your folders on the server will be two steps:  first double-click the Network Connect alias and sign in, and then double-click the network share alias you want to access.