PC Tunnel Connection

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These directions explain how to use http://remote.sas.upenn.edu/nc to create a secure connection from your off-campus Windows computer to the SAS file server, so that you can then directly access your files and folders on the server.


1.  Open a web browser


2.  Go to http://remote.sas.upenn.edu/nc


3.  When the browser goes to the page, it will automatically start a service called Host Checker, which searches your computer for security vulnerabilities.  Host Checker first needs to install, and it will pop up a series of dialog boxes you will need to click on. When you see this box, check the box that says “Remember this decision”, and click Allow. 


When you see this box, check the box that says “Always trust content from this publisher”, and click Run. 


When you see this last box, click Always.  In the case that you didn’t see any of these boxes, you likely need to install a new version of Java, which you can acquire here.


4. Once Host Checker is done installing, it will run a quick search of your computer.  If you pass the security check, go on to step 5.  If you do not meet the security requirements, Host Checker will let you know via a message like this:

In this case, I would need to open Symantec Antivirus and run LiveUpdate to bring my virus definitions up to date.  When you have taken the necessary steps to increase your security, go back to the browser page you had open, and click Try Again.  Continue running Host Checker until you pass the security check.

5.  Log in with your Active Directory username and password.

6.  Click the Start button.

You may see this screen come up, but once it’s done installing Network Connect and launching, it will direct your browser back to the Start screen.


7.  At this point, you may see a box pop up or a new item may show up in the taskbar.  This box shows your Network Connect status, and as it says “Connected”, you can now access your SAS network shares.