Sending Files via Secure Share

Sending Files via Secure Share


1.  Go to the Secure Share website at and login with your PennKey.


2.  Once there, click “Share documents” at the top-left corner.


3.  Here you will need to fill out a brief message to accompany the file(s).  Think of these as though they were the subject and body of an email.  Make sure the “Send notification” box is checked.

Click “Browse…” to bring up the File Upload window.


4.  Here you can choose the file you’d like to share.  Select your file and click “Open”.

You’ll be taken back to the previous page where you need to click “Upload”.


5.  The file will take time to upload, and once that is complete, you will see it in a list under “Documents”.  To share more files, just continue to Browse, select and Open, and Upload file by file.  If you accidentally upload the wrong file, click “(Remove)” next to that file, and it will be deleted from the list.  When you are finished uploading files, click “Choose recipients >>”.


6.  Next, use the “Find a recipient” tool to choose the Penn faculty and staff members you are sending the file to.  Enter a person's information and click “Find”.


7.  It will bring up a list of people that match those terms, and you can click “Select” next to the correct one.  That person will be added to the Recipients list.  You can continue adding recipients in the same manner, or if you need to, you can remove recipients using the “(Remove)” link next to their name.  Once you are finished, click the “Share documents >>” link at the bottom.


8.  You will be taken to a Success page listing the individuals you sent the files to.