Top 5 things you need to know about managing your electronic documents


 This page is part of a series intended to help you work productively in a variety of situations. 

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Penn+Box is an easy way to make your documents accessible from anywhere. Penn Box is much like DropBox but also includes collaboration tools and is protected by a University contract that provides a greater level of security and protection for Penn intellectual property. Get started with Penn+Box


Remote Desktop lets you use your office computer even when you're not in the office.


SAS file servers are the most secure way to store confidential or mission-critcal documents. Ask your department's computing support staff about how you can access the SAS file servers, including from off campus.


Penn's Secure Share service makes it easy to exchange confidential documents with colleagues at Penn. You can also securely share  documents with colleagues through Penn+Box


Commercial "cloud" services are convient and many are free; DropBox  and Google Docs  are very popular.   However, these services are not suitable for documents containing confidential information or important University data.  See more about appropriate use of cloud services.