Recommended Settings for Penn Live

Penn Live has lots of options for how you can configure your account. Most settings come pre-configured in a way that is suitable for typical users. But there are a few important settings that you should make sure are properly configured for your needs.


  1. Saving Sent Messages

    By default, Penn Live does not save a copy of messages you send in your "Sent" folder. If you would like to keep a copy of messages that you send, you will need to enable this functionality in your mail settings, within Penn Live. You can do so by going to Options within Penn Live, clicking Save Sent Messages, and choosing the option Save all sent messages in the Sent items folder. Click the Save button to save your settings.
  2. Setting Your Location Information

    Your location information is important because it is required in order to reset your password using the security question that you configured when you created your account. When your account was created , your location information was set to:
    Country/Region: United States
    State: Pennsylvania
    ZIP code: 19104
    Timezone: Eastern Time - EST
    If you attempt a password reset using your security question, and you have not changed your location information, you will need to provide the above location information.

    If you wish, you can change this location information in your email options within Penn Live. Just click Options > View and edit your personal information, and click registered information. This page allows you to change your location information.

    We recommend that you change your timezone setting if you will be traveling out of the eastern timezone. This setting affects the times your received messages will show as their arrival times.
  3. Setting An Alternate Email Address

    One option for resetting your password, should you forget it, is to have a password reset email sent to an alternate email address. You will be prompted for an alternate email address when you create your account, but this is an optional setting. If you do not set an alternate email address here and later decide that you would like to specify one, or if your alternate address changes, you can set a new alternate email address from your email settings within Penn Live. Just click Options > View and edit your personal information, and click add or change next to alternate email address. This page will allow you to add an alternate address or change your existing one.
  4. Enter your full name.

    You may want to enter your full name into your profile, so it will be displayed in the "from" field when you send messages.
    Click Options > More Options > View and edit your personal information > Registered Information. Enter your first and last names in the fields on the page.

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