Penn Live Technical FAQ

This page contains a technical list of frequently asked questions about pennlive.

Important update:
As of 6/12/2012, Penn will terminate is contractual relationship with Microsoft for the Penn Live Service.  Click here for more information.

Need help using your Penn Live account?
Please see the Support page

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Technical Support & Configuring Mail Clients



Technical Support & Configuring mail Clients

How do I check my mail using Penn Live?

Once you have created your Penn Live account, you can log into Penn Live at
Enter your full email address as your Windows Live ID-- e.g.  

Do NOT log in at This is for webmail only. Penn Live is a distinct email service.

What if I forget my password?
Information on resetting your password can be found here.

What are the recommended settings for Penn Live?
Penn Live has lots of options for how you can configure your account. Most settings come pre-configured in a way that is suitable for typical users. But there are a few important settings that you should make sure are properly configured for your needs on ce you start using Penn Live. Please see our list of recommended settings


How can I use mail clients, such as Thunderbird and Outlook, with Penn Live?
You can find configuration instructions for the more popular clients here:

Windows Mac OS
Thunderbird Thunderbird
Outlook Express Apple Mail 2.1
Outlook -
Windows Live Mail -

If you are already familiar with how to configure a mail client, or are using a client that is not listed here, the general settings are:

Incoming Mail Server:
server name:
protocol: POP3, using SSL
port: 995

Outgoing Mail Server:
server name:
protocol: SMTP, using SSL
port: 25
Username: enter your full email address (e.g.

Can I check my mail using my mobile phone?
Yes, information regarding Penn Live for mobile devices can be found here

My Outlook Connector doesn't seem to be working. What do I do?
Go into your webview and make sure that the name you entered in your Account Summary matches the one you entered in your Outlook Connector. You can access your webview account summary by going to "options", and then "more options" and then "View and edit your personal information".

If this doesn't solve your problem, in Outlook Connector, in the lower right hand corner, there is a drop down menu labeled "Server Status." Under "Server Status" is the option "Detailed Report." After clicking the detailed report, a window should open with details relating to any error messages that may be going on behind the scenes. If you could copy and paste that text into our SAS Computing Help Form, it would help us diagnose the problem.

Can I configure Windows Live Mail to look up addresses in the Penn Directory?
Yes, you can find the steps to do so here.

My Mail client isn't downloading mail that I have sorted into folders. What do I do?
POP cannot connect to server mail folders; it can only download messages from your inbox.

How can I get additional help or make a suggestion about how Penn Live can be improved?
If you are able to successfully log in to Penn Live but have questions or problems concerning its features, please look for the help icon help icon in the upper-right corner of most Penn Live pages or report your issue to Microsoft at


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