Importing Your Contacts Into Penn Live From SAS Webmail

  1. Log into your SAS Webmail. Click the Address Book button near the top of page. Click the "Import/Export" button near the top of the page. Click the "Export" button under "Export Address Book" and save the file to your Desktop. The file will be named turba.csv.
  2. Download this to your Desktop: contacts.csv.
  3. Open both turba.csv and contacts.csv in Excel. Turba.csv should show all of your contacts.
  4. Highlight all of the names of your contacts from the first column of Turba.csv. Do not include the top cell that says "name."
  5. Switch to contacts.csv and paste the column you just copied into the first column of contacts.xls. Do not overwrite the top cell that says "Name"; start pasting at cell A2.
  6. Repeat this process by copying the second column from turba.csv (not including the top cell that says "email") and pasting it into the second column of contacts.csv (not overwriting the top cell that says "Email Address"). Close turba.csv.
  7. Save contacts.csv by going to the File menu and selecting Save.
  8. Click "Yes" when this dialog appears.

  1. Log into Penn Live. Click Options and select More Options. Click Import Contacts under Customize Your Contacts.
  2. Under Option 2, select GMail (using Outlook CSV format). Click the Browse button and select contacts.csv from your Desktop. Click the "Import Contacts" button.
  3. You should get a confirmation saying that all of your contacts have been uploaded to Penn Live.
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