Penn Live POP Configuration for Apple Mail

  1. The first time you run Apple Mail, this dialog will automatically open. If this is not the first time you have run Apple Mail, you can get to the dialog by going to Preferences>Accounts>Click the + button to add an account.

  2. Select POP as the account type. Enter Penn Live for the account description. Enter your full name, as you would like it to appear on the email that you send. Enter your full SAS email address. Click Continue.

  3. Enter for the incoming mail server. Enter your full SAS email address for the user name. Enter the password for your Penn Live account. Click Continue.

  4. You will get this error message. You can just click Continue; it's a normal part of the setup process.

  5. Check the box that says Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Set the authentication box to Password. Click Continue.

  6. Enter for the outgoing mail server. Check the box that says Use Authentication. Enter your full SAS email address for the user name and your Penn Live password in the password field. Click Continue.

  7. Click Done.

  8. From the main Apple Mail window, click on the Mail menu and select Preferences. Click the Advanced button. Verify that the Remove copy from server after retrieving a message box is checked. Change the dropbox below it to read When moved from Inbox. Close the settings window and save changes when prompted.