How Does SAS Spam Shield Work?

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All email sent to your SAS email address passes through SAS Spam Shield before it arrives in your inbox. Once you enable SAS Spam Shield, it will intercept any messages that it believes to be spam before they even reach your inbox.

Then, twice everyday, it will send you your SAS Spam Shield Report, an email listing all of the spam that was captured, for your review. If you notice any messages that should not have been captured, you can release them to your inbox with a single click.

All messages caught by SAS Spam Shield are stored in an area called quarantine, which is available to you in both a web view (displays your entire quarantine) or in any SAS Spam Shield Report (shows only messages caught since the last report).

Here's an example of the typical way SAS Spam Shield is used:

    1. All of your mail passes through SAS Spam Shield and all spam is captured before it reaches your inbox

    1. Twice per day, you receive the SAS Spam Shield Report listing the senders and subject lines of all captured messages

  1. You skim through the report looking for any messages that may have been mistakenly captured
    • If all of the messages captured are, in fact, spam, you can just delete the report and you're done.
    • If you see any messages that were mistakenly captured, you can release them using a link in the report
  2. You can log into the web view of your quarantine anytime to access captured messages and release them. Spam will be stored in your quarantine for 21 days or until you delete it.


The SAS Spam Shield Report:

Here's an example of the SAS Spam Shield report that will be mailed to you twice daily:

As you can see, next to each a captured message, there are three actions that can be taken upon the corresponding message: View, Release, and Safelist.

    • View - Clicking this link will open a web browser and allow you to see the contents of the captured message. You can use this feature if you are unsure, based solely on the sender and subject lines of a message, if that message is spam.

    • Release - If you notice a legitimate message that was mistakenly captured, clicking "Release" will free the message from your quarantine and deliver it to your inbox.

  • Safelist - Clicking "Safelist" will add the sender of the corresponding message to your Safe Senders List and release the message to your inbox. All subsequent messages from the safelisted sender will always be delivered - never captured by S AS Spam Shield.

Other Features of Note:

Score: The Score column denotes how SAS Spam Shield scored your captured messages on a scale of 0 to 100, with 100 signifying the highest likelihood of the message being spam. Scores are arranged in ascending order (lowest at the top) to priorit ize the emails that may in fact be legitimate.

Request End-User Digest - clicking this link will generate a new SAS Spam Shield Email Report to be delivered to your inbox. It will show all messages captured between the time of the last report and the present.

Request Safe/Blocked Senders List - clicking this link will generate a report of everyone on your Safe- and Blocked- Senders lists. Mail sent from anyone on your Safe Senders List will never be marked as spam and captured by SAS Spam Shield. Mess ages on your Blocked Senders List will be quarantined into a separate Blocked Senders Quarantine.

Manage My Account - Clicking this link will take you to the web view of your message quarantine.



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