Disabling Spam Assassin

If you are using SAS Spam Shield with your email account, we recommend that you disable Spam Assassin, our original spam-filtering system. Below are the steps for doing so.

These steps will only turn off the filtering component of Spam Assassin; messages will still be scored by Spam Assassin when they arrive at the SAS email system. If you have a mail client, like Thunderbird, configured to filter SPAM based on Spam Assassin scoring, you will continue to be able to do so.


NOTE: When SAS Spam Shield is activated for all users on Thurs, 11/13, Spam Assassin will automatically be disabled for all users.


  1. Log into the Facstaff account management page at https://www.sas.upenn.edu/facstaff/account

  2. Click on the Spam filter link in the left navigation bar

  3. Set the New Protection Level to Off. Click Update Spam Protection button.

    Please note that you'll see a screen stating that "Your spam filters are currently disabled." If you do not presently have Spam Assassin turned on. In this case, no changes are necessary; simply log out of the facstaff account management site.

  4. Click Logout now in the left navigation bar.