Get Started Using SAS Spam Shield

SAS Spam Shield is automatically enabled for all accounts on the email server. Please see the links below to get the most out of SAS Spam Shield.


    1. Learn about how SAS Spam Shield works - SAS Spam Shield works differently than most Spam-filtering solutions. We highly recommend that you read about how it works before enabling it. 

    1. Add " " to your mail client's address book - it's possible that your mail client (e.g. Thunderbird or Outlook) could identify your daily SAS Spam Shield Report as Spam due to the listing of Spam subject lines in the Report. The best way to avoid this problem is to add the from-address of the Report ( to your client's address book.

  1. Learn More About SAS Spam Shield - our FAQ has even more information. If you have any questions, the FAQ is a great starting point.


Currently, SAS Spam Shield is only available to Faculty and Staff in the School of Arts and Sciences using the facstaff mail server. If you don't know whether you're eligible for SAS Spam Shield or would like to arrange to move to facstaff, contact your department's Local Support Provider.