Forwarding Your SAS Email

SAS students can forward their SAS email to an account of their choosing.  Here are some things that you should consider when forwarding your email

  • Ability to set your from address - we highly recommend that you choose an email provider that allows you to set your from and reply-to addresses to be your SAS account. You can learn more about setting your from address here.
  • SPAM filtering - or we should say "over-filtering." Some email providers can mark legitimate mail from University contacts as SPAM. Different services have different protocols - some may put important mail mismarked as SPAM in your Junk folder, others may delete it altogether.


Feature Hotmail GMail Yahoo AOL
Ability to set from address
Yes Yes Yes No
Reliability of mail delivery from University contacts Problems reported High Moderate Moderate
POP access to your mail - Secure Access - Unsecure Access
IMAP access to your mail - Secure Access - Unsecure Access
Works with mobile devices Web View Only Yes Web View Only Yes
Advertising Yes Minimal Yes Yes


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