Getting Started with SAS Student Email

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As an SAS student, you will create an email address based on your PennKey. For example, if your PennKey is "bfranklin", your email address will be " ". This is the address that is entered for you in the Penn directory and is the address that your professors, advisors and others at Penn will use to communicate with you.


When you sign up for your SAS email address, you have two choices for mail delivery:

  1. google@sas logo Use Google@SAS
    Google@SAS is a suite of email and collaboration tools customized specially for Penn students.  It is based on the popular GMail and Google Apps services.  When you select Google@SAS your SAS email will be delivered to this special account.

  2. Forward to an existing account you have with another provider
    You'll provide the address for an existing email account, and your SAS email will be delivered to that account. Please see our tips for how to optimize your personal email account to work with your SAS email address.

Ready to get started?

Click here to sign up for your SAS email address

Please note that you need to wait at least 24 hours after registering your new PennKey before you can create your SAS email address

Want to change your email routing?

Click here to change your email delivery choice.

Need help?

If you have problems or questions concerning how to configure your SAS email address please consult the Google@SAS FAQ page.  If you are still having trouble please use our help form.