Printing for SAS Students: Setup your computer to print

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Now you can print directly from your own computer to printers in SAS Computing labs. 



Printers are available in these locations:

UDAL Computer Lab, 104 McNeil Building
Multi-Media Services, BS-1 in DRL
Fisher-Bennett Hall, ground floor

Here's how you get setup:

(Already done the setup? View instructions for how to send jobs from your computer to the printer.)


First: add value to your PennCash account 

  PennCash logoTo print, you'll need to have a valid PennCard with PennCash. You can add value to your PennCard with a credit card or by transfering funds from your Student Financial Services account. See the PennCash site for more details

Next: Download & install the printer package
Click on the links below to download the appropriate printer package for Windows or Mac.  The printer package is the software that lets your computer communicate to the networked printers.  You'll only need to do the setup process one time.  After installation of the printer package, you'll be able to send your jobs to the printers without repeating this setup process.


Windows 2000/XP/Vista & Windows 7

Download the printer package for your version of Windows.  It is a large download (~54MB), so may take some time to complete.
Click here for Windows XP or Vista (32bit)
Click here for 64-bit Vista or Windows 7

When the download is complete, double-click the package icon to launch the installer. You'll see a box like this when the installer is running.

Please be patient - the installation can take several minutes to complete.

SAS_Printers package finished installing

Click Finish to complete the installation. 

When complete, you're ready to start sending jobs to the printers.


Mac OS X  10.4 and higher


Download the printer package for Mac.  The file is named SAS_Printers.dmg  

When the download is complete, double-click the package icon; then you'll see something that looks like this:

Popup Directory Listing

Double-click on Popup.pkg to initiate the installation; click Continue

Pharos Popup for OS X

The installation process will start to run and may take several minutes to complete.  When it's finished you'll see this screen

Click Close to complete the installation process. 


When complete, you're ready to start sending jobs to the printers.