Resources to help instructors use clickers

  • Faculty & Staff

"Clickers" are audience response systems that we use in classes. More general information about them is here.

Instructional materials

  • Product manuals are available from TurningPoint's website.
    Download the polling software (or update the version you have) from
  • Turning Technologies has a series of on-demand online tutorials for PC and Mac, and we strongly recommend them. Please see their Online Tutorials page.
  • They also offer free one-hour live training sessions on a variety of topics for both new and advanced users. To see a schedule and register for a session, see this website.
  • Canvas integration (to use clickers in "registered" mode for quizzes or to track attendance) requires 3 steps:
    1. Add a "Module" to your Canvas site with the Clicker Registration Tool for your students to use.
      Instructions: click here
      Note that this will ONLY work with the tool in a Module. You can't put it anywhere else.
    2. Give your students instructions on how to register their clickers (or post them on Canvas),
      Handout:  click here
    3. If your students have purchased a used clicker, have them check the "firmware" on it to make sure it's current,
      Handout: click here
    4. Read Canvas Integration for Instructors for the details of how to download participant lists and upload results,
      Instructions: click here

PDF Documents

Other materials to help instructors think about using clickers

Version of Clicker software installed on classroom computers

  • The new black and white receivers have no-install versions of the software for PC and Mac.  This means you don't have to rely on having the software installed on the classroom computer.  We have tested this in SAS Central Pool Classrooms without a problem.  We have experienced problems running the software from the USB receiver in Nursing's Fagin Hall classrooms.  Please contact us if you plan to use clickers there.
  • Please contact us at clickers-help@sas to be sure the software is installed in your classroom if you plan to use it from the podium computer.

Documentation in PDF

Determining_Receiver_Channel.pdf 11.8 KB
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Adding-Clicker-Registration-to-Canvas.pdf 54.44 KB
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Instructors-Using-Canvas-with-TurningPoint5-Penn.pdf 152.31 KB
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